Introduction to Logic

Materia Conditional 1Ab

Study Questions - quiz.

Each capital letter must stand for a complete, simple, affirmative sentence

~    Negation
          it is not the case that
p  >  q    Material conditional
          if p then q
          p only if q
          provided that p, q
          in the event that p, q
          in case that p, q

Put each of the following into logical symbolism. Use the letters suggested.

1. If Bernardo likes the Comp. class, he will take English Lit. next semester. (B, L)

2. Bernardo will go to the library if Lucinda is not there. (B, L)

3. Lucinda will take Math 101 only if Bernardo does not like math. (L, B)

4. Bernardo will attend the game provided that Lucinda is playing. (B, L)

5. In the event of rain, the game will be postponed. (R, P)

6. The test will not be cancelled provided that enough students want to take it. (C, S)

7. If Lucinda is playing, then Bernardo will attend the game if he has time. (L, B, T)