Introduction to Logic

Study Questions - quiz.

Each capital letter must stand for a complete, simple, affirmative sentence

~    Negation
          it is not the case that
v    Disjunction
.    Conjunction
     and     but     although
     even though     albeit

Neither A nor B          ~ (A v B)

Not both A and B          ~ (A . B)

Put each of the following into logical symbolism. Use the letters suggested.

1. Although Bernardo does not like to take the subway, he uses the metro whenever he is in Rome. (B, R)

2. Bernardo does not like the New York subways, but he loves the metro in Rome. (B, R)

3. Neither Bernardo nor Jacinta took a gondola to the hotel. (B, H)

4. Both Miguel and Lucida went to the piazza at night. (M, L)

5. Both Lucida and Bernardo watched the sunset from teh bridge, but Miguel did not get there on time. (L, B, M)

6. Both Bernardo and Miguel went to the opera, but neither Jacinta nor Lucida got tickets for the performance. (B, M, J, L)

7. Even though Jacinta and Lucida did not both take the gondola, they both arrived on time. (J, L, S, T)