Introduction to Logic


Study Questions - quiz.

Each capital letter must stand for a complete, simple, affirmative sentence

~    Negation v    Disjunction .    Conjunction >    Conditional

Put each of the following into logical symbolism. Use the letters suggested.

1. Lucinda will try out for the role if she likes the part and it does not start till summer. (T, L, S)

2. Lucinda will play volleyball provided that Bernardo and Miguel do not. (V, B, M)

3. Miguel and Lucinda will go only if Sam does not go. (M, L, S)

4. If Miguel or Lucinda are on vacation, Bernardo will do the job. (M, L, B)

5. If Lucinda takes the test, she will pass provided that there are only math questions. (L, P, M)

6. Although Lucinda likes math, she does not enjoy logic or music. (M, L, S)

7. Lucinda will take Music if neither math nor logic are open. (M, S, L)

8. Bernardo will not be both a lawyer and a dancer, but he will be both a lawyer and a physician. (L, D, P)