Creating A New Course

The first step to creating a course is to build a new CourseSite. This process makes a blank "shell" that holds the course content. When you are creating real course for your institution, the CourseInfo administrator may perform these steps and provide you with a URL. However, for this tutorial, you will create the new CourseSite from the Blackboard site. If your institution has a local installation of the software, you may want to contact your administrator to obtain a different URL.

Note: This tutorial provides an overview of creating a course site in version 4.0.

A brief overview of the My Blackboard feature is provided below, for more detailed information please see the Introduction to My Blackboard tutorial.

My Blackboard : A Brief Overview

The My Blackboard screen is a personalized view of all Blackboard CourseInfo features. All information and data associated with your user account is located here. The My Blackboard screen also contains tools used to communicate with others in your campus community. Consider the My Blackboard view your "home page" of all course related items.

The Navigation Area on the left displays the functional areas associated with the Blackboard software. This includes links to view and manage announcements, calendar, courses and campus discussion boards. You can also modify your personal information from the My Blackboard page.

In the center of the screen, the Content Window displays a composite of all your announcements, calendar items, courses, and tasks.

Note: The content window displays all information for all of your Blackboard CourseInfo related events, regardless of your role as a Student or an Instructor.

To create a New Course:


For example: Francis Lake would be FL365

Note: The Course ID field is case specific and does not accept spaces between letters and digits.

Before you enter your course, take note of the information provided in the information receipt.

Make note of the URL by recording it here:


To return to your course at any time, simply type this URL into the location field of your browser. You may also want to bookmark the course for easy access.

Viewing the Course


Course Overview

Now that you have entered the course, take a moment to orient yourself with the basic layout of a CourseInfo course.

The screen available at this location is known as your CourseSite. This is the first screen any student or instructor will see when they direct a browser to the Course URL.