Batch Enrolling Students

As you can see, it would be a tedious task to enroll a large group of students into a course one-by-one. Accordingly, the batch upload method is a very useful tool for instructors who have large classes.

To use the batch upload, you must have a source file that contains each user ID, name, e-mail, and student ID formatted with each entry delimited (separated) by a comma, tab, or colon in the following manner: userid,lastname,firstname,email,studentid.

For example: Alewis, Lewis, Arthur,, 34567

In this next exercise, you will use the pre-formatted sample file student.txt to batch upload 6 new students into the Rainforest course.


Managing Students

The add/drop registration period just ended, and Franklin Falta has dropped out of the course. Remove him from the roster:


For more detailed information on User Management, please see the associated section in the Instructor's Guide.