Basic Course Options

CourseInfo provides many options that you can use to customize your course. These include:

All course options are located in the Site Management area. Specifically, the controls are divided into functional groups. The Student Tools area controls what items are available to students when they select Student Tools from the navigation bar. Similarly, the Communication Tools control items in the Communication area. Batch utilities for enrollment are in Course Utilities and Course Options holds customization options.

In this activity, you will change button style and alter the look and feel of the course. Then, since there are no Assignments associated with your course, you will turn off the Assignment button in the navigation area.


The Change Button Availability area contains the security controls for a course. By assigning a value of Secure to an area, a student must enter a valid UserID and password before accessing the materials. For more information on Security options, please see the relevant sections of the Instructor Guide.

As an instructor you also have the option of disabling the buttons in the Navigation Area of the course. Disabling a button will hide it from the students’ view and prevent them from accessing any information that may be located in that area. Access to all areas of the course and information located in each of the areas will still be available to the instructor if a button is disabled.

Independent Activity

Change the button availability for Assignments back to Enabled. Use the steps above as a guide.