CourseInfo Support and Help

There are many different support features built into the CourseInfo product. All of these online tools are available for instructors through the Assistance area in the Control Panel.

Online Manual

Provides a link to an online version of the Instructor’s Guide.

Contact Sys-Admin

Opens an e-mail link addressed to the System Administrator of your institution.

Join ListServ

Directs your browser to instructions about how to sign up for the Blackboard Instructor’s listserv.

Online Support

Directs your browser to the Blackboard Online Support site.

Spend a few minutes exploring the Assistance options:



Congratulations. You have completed the introductory course to using CourseInfo 4.0. In this tutorial, you have created a new CourseSite, added content with the page editors, enrolled students, and familiarized yourself with the basic course communication and organizational options.

If you are interested in learning more about Version 4 look for additional tutorials and tip sheets at the Blackboard support site at