Working with Announcements

Announcements can be used to notify students about new information pertaining to the course that was not covered in the syllabus or just give reminders about upcoming dates/events.

Consider using announcements to let students know:


In this activity, you will use the Announcement Page Editor to add two announcements to the Rainforest course. The first announcement will indicate your office hours. The second informs students of a TV show you think they should watch.

To add announcements, you will have to enter the Control Panel. All instructor functions are initiated from the Control Panel.


Notice that the announcement has appeared in the Course Window. Now, post another announcement. This time, the announcement will contain some HTML formatting to emphasize certain words.


Modifying and Removing Announcements

Oops. The Rainforest special is really on channel 7, not 4. You’ll have to modify the announcement. Also, remove the default announcement from your course.

For more detailed information on editing and working with announcements, please see the associated section in the Instructor's Guide.