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Hello everyone,

Well, it went down to the wire, but I am very pleased and excited to
announce the launch of This was one of the most
ambitious Flash projects I've undertaken since going solo last year. It's
extremely interactive and uses many of Flash 5's new powerful features (be
sure to have the latest plug-in when visiting)

Look for content to expand in the coming months. For now, you'll find an
extensive amount of information about my latest book Flash 5! Creative Web
animation, as well as the first interactive tutorial that was created to
be used in conjunction with the book. And, as by request, tutorials on the
site are now downloadable.

Look around, you never know what you'll find. While you're at it, be sure
to give me some feedback on your experience. I'd love to hear from you.

Until next time, best success!



The followings are three interesting web sites:
Whatever magazine presents shockwave cartoons by Dave Counts.
These cartoons are very interesting
They are cute!
Offers informative tutorial in the ways of Flash. Provides with many
and examples. It is very helpful - I like this site - It grabs your attention
immediately, and moves too quickly for you to get distracted by anything
else. It is very effective in keeping the visitor focused on their site
only. - I like the design of this site, but the
flash intro is a little slow and drawn out. Although I like the use of
the snowflakes and star throughout, the spelling of Polar Design was a
little too time consuming. - I
love the design of the site, but I hate that everything clicked opens up a
new window. I found myself with three Yale School of Architecture windows
open within the my first minute of looking at the site. The design of the
pop-up index page with the flash buttons is great, but it is difficult to
understand what the buttons link to unless you look for the tiny text to
the right as you roll over them.

Osborn and Barr - I like this site because the design is so clean and the
navigation and content is very simple. It gives you the info you are
looking for and is pleasing and calming to the eye. Very understated and
easy to use because it mimics a static html site in the way the navigation
works and the content displays.

Bembo's Zoo - This site is a fun example of using text in FLash. I think
that some of the animals are very creative and it is a good way to think
about text a little differently. Using text is also a good way to keep
the size of a flash movie small.

Dennis Interactive - I like this site because of it's clean and simple
design. It is an impressive and professional use of Flash without being
overwhelming and chaotic. It is easy and fun to navigate through, and
also supplies you with important information about the company in a user
friendly way. - online communications company.
The splash page starts with text and objects moving and changing. Next an
eye catching spider scampers across the screen as the rest of the site
quickly downloads in the background. The site is simple yet intuitive. - manufacturer of synthetic paper.
I know they are only selling paper - but this site really makes ordering
paper interesting. By using Flash, the Yupo Corporation is able to
entertain visitors as they learn about Yupo's paper products. I visited
the design section of the site for about 20 minutes learning about the
company and I even ordered some free samples. The company also has a
place to play games - another tool aimed to entertain visitors as they
explore Yupo's product. They also have contests - one is a contest for
designing the new election ballots. - web design company which is run by a 12 year old boy
named Keith Peiris (President and CEO of
Good example of a powerful, engaging site. The show begins with sound
playing as text and graphics move and shift position. The text flying in
states the awards won by the web design company - good example of engaging
new visitors while the rest of the site is downloading . As for returning
visitors, they can skip the intro and go straigt to the main pages of the
site. Overall the site is very animated with graphics and text moving and
changing but the site it is still very easy to navigate through.
I liked the popup 640x480 window, allowed for a cleaner look without all
the browser tools. Nice, simple, sound effects. Took some time to
completely download on a 56k connection.
A little deeper into the program is a section that has some nice
navigation with audio
Nice preload screen that give you a percentage indicator. Integrated Flash
elements throughout their site along with standard html elements. , great cartoon animation.
Liked the simple navigation, easy to things. Under the "portfolio" section
there is a sample using embedded video that works well.