MCM 137 Class Announcements- for anyone who cannot get in through Blackboard!

Mon, Jan 27, 2003 -- Calendar
The calendar is in useable shape- just note the latter parts of it may change based on how much progress we make this semester.
Here is a link to the open code version of the online tutorial 1. It is tut1.dir
right mouse click (PC) or mouse down(Mac) on it and "save target as" to a directory of your choosing.
We will go over the interface in depth tonight.  

Posted by Anthony Foster    
Wed, Jan 22, 2003 -- Interface tutorial
I updated the first tutorial over the weekend and forgot to tell you. You can benefit from it now.
There will be a quiz on the interface on Feb 3 so you need to KNOW it well.
The calendar is still a mess after Jan 27th but it's on the way.- you can trust it through the 27th.  

Posted by Anthony Foster    

Wed, Jan 15, 2003 -- Update As you know I promised to update some pages- hopefully this will happen over the next couple of days. The main thing for now is to disregard the shockwave Tutorial 1 (January 27 link) as it is based on an earlier version of Director. The book and the demo software are what you should use.   Posted by Anthony Foster      


Mon, Jan 13, 2003 -- Welcome Welcome to the Blackboard coursesite for MCM137-Multimedia Authoring. The course objective is for you to acquire basic Director 8.5 competency and to utilize your knowledge to take a Multimedia Project through the entire production cycle! Emphasis will be given to production strategies. Posted by Anthony Foster    

First things first- navigate to the Participant Profile and fill out the submission form. This will constitute my formative evaluation of where we stand as a class on tech skills you are bringing to the table. That will be a very pertinent factor in the construction, development and design of this course. Most courses are not done this way and we will benefit from the information you provide- try to be as accurate in your estimation as possible.


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