MCM137 Assignment 2


Report #2: (Due by February 15, 2000)


E-mail address

We have seen a number of examples of projects so far. Now i need to get some feedback from you.


1. Read through this entire page before doing ANYTHING!

2. Bookmark this page or add to favorites.

3. Open a new window, go to and search on the following criteria:

Shockwave examples, Director Examples, Director Web

4. Explore them and find Director files of interest to you.

6. When you find an url that you want to submit, copy and paste it below, then submit at least three.

How many sites did you visit?
URL one
URL two
URL three
Do you anticipate creating an online version of your project?
Describe in summary form anything you discovered that you had not seen of before. what features that you explored did you like best?

If you would like to clear these forms to start over with your report, click reset. Note that EVERYTHING will be cleared!