Tutorial 2- Creating a basic animation and button

1. First open a new movie. File--> New--> Movie.

2. Set the stage size to 340 x220. Modify-->Movie-->Properties, or use the PI. Choose custom and enter 340x220.

Set up the following windows to use in this exercise: Stage, Cast, Score, Tools Pallette.



3. Import the blue ball graphic. File-->Import. Choose blue.gif and import as an 8 or 32 bit bitmap.



4. Graphic should show up in the Cast window as castmenber 1.


5. Drag a copy of the castmember from the cast window to the stage. This is now called a sprite- it shows its presence on the stage and in the score in channel 1.


6. Select the button tool from the Tools Pallete (Control -7 Win, Command-7 Mac)


7. Draw out a button by click- and- dragging on the stage area. The button will appear on the stage and in the score in channel 2.


8. Name the button "Go to Red" by typing in the button.



9. Open a Script Window for the button by Clicking the script button after clicking on the button cast member.


10. Type in go to movie "red.dir" and close the script.

11. Behavior script will become a cast member.



12. At this time, set your prefs to Director 5 style score display. This is easier for seeing the next steps.



13. Now the score will display the castmember numbers in the cells.

14. Copy and Paste the sprite for the button into about thirty cells, and the sprite for the ball into the first frame only.Place the sprite in the lower left of the stage.


15. Copy and past the button sprite into frame 10 .This will become a Keyframe.

Move the sprite on the stage to a new location.



16. Copy and past the button sprite into frame 20 .This will become a Keyframe. Move the sprite on the stage to a new location.

17. Copy and past the sprite in frame one (original location) into the last frame.


18. Select all the sprites in channel 1.

19. Open Modify-->Sprite--> Tweening. You will see a dialog box. choose the following boxes and click OK.

20. The Sprites in between the keyframes will be "Tweened".

21. Save the file. File--> Save as

22. Finish the movie by adding a go to "start" script on the last frame and a marker named "start" in the first frame. save the movie as blue.dir.

23. Repeat the steps to create a movie called "red.dir". The only difference is in step 3 the filename to import will be 99RORBTW.gif and in step 9-10 the movie name will be "blue". Run either movie and click the button. Upon clicking the other movie will open and vice versa. This is known as a "callout" to another movie.

Another way (shortcuts are good) to do this step would be to resave the movie as "Red", and replace the blue ball cast member with the red one (red.gif), and then change the script to Go to movie"blue.dir" and resave.


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