Tutorial 3- Creating a basic animation and button in one movie

1. First open a new movie. File--> New--> Movie.

2. Set the stage size to 340 x220. Modify-->Movie-->Properties. Choose custom and enter 340x220.

3. Set up the following windows to use in this exercise: Stage, Cast, Score, Tools Pallette.


4. Import the graphic GBAL.pict from the tut 3 folder. File-->import


 5. The imported graphic should appear as cast member 1.  


6. Drag a copy of Castmember 1 to the stage and place as shown. then delete the sprites between the first and last sprite on the score.


7. Highlight the last sprite (in frame 10) and move it to the far left of the stage.


8. Highlight frames 1-10 in the score.


9. In the Director menu, go Modify-->Sprite--> Tweening and you will see this dialog box.Use these settings and click OK.


10. Director will automatically tween the sprites. the score should now look like this:


11. Using the button tool on the Tools pallette, draw a button on the stage and label it "Vertical".



12. Set a new marker on the score by clicking above frame one.


13. Rename the marker.


 14. Duplicate castmember one by highlighting it in the cast window and going Edit-->Duplicate. A new iteration of the member will appear in the cast window.  

   15. Double click the new castmember in the cast window and the paint window will open. Use the marquee tool in the paint window to select the image in the window.


16. Once the image is selected, use the Rotate Right button in the Paint window to rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise.


 17. Place the edited castmember by dragging it from the cast window to the score at about frame 20. It will also appear on the stage.  


18. As you did in the earlier part of the project, select and delete the sprites between the first and last sprite.

 19. Then, highlight the first sprite and move it to the bottom of of the screen. Highlight the last one and move it to the top of the screen as shown.  



20. Then highlight the sprites in frames 20-29.


21. Go to Modify-->Sprite-->Tweening and the sprites will be tweened.

Set a new marker and name it "horizontal"


22. Now for some control scripts- double click the script channel just above the last sprite in the score.


23. Type "go loop" in the behavior script box.


24. Do the same thing for the last vertical sprite in frame 10


25. Type "Go Loop" or select behavior script 4 in the behavior menu on the score.


26. Add a button to the stage at the second marked frame. Name that new button "Horizontal"

Select the sprites for the button on the score and select new behavior from the behavior menu on the score.

Add to a new script "go vertical".

27. Do the same for the other button.

28. Highlight the other button sprites in channel two and select new behavior. Type "Go horizontal" in the behavior script.

 29. Play the movie.  

   30. Save the movie.


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