Tutorial 5

Creating a Rollover button- Animated Gif style


1. Create a new director movie and import the provided animated gif- or one of your choice.


2. When you encounter this dialog box, choose- animated gif.

3. Re- import the same file but this time choose bitmap as the filetype.

4. If you encounter this dialog box, you may decide which bit depth suits you- it matters not to this tutorial.


 5. Your Cast should now have two members- one is designated as an animated gif and the other as a regular bitmap- note the differences in the icon.  


   6. Drag the bitmap image to the stage.


  7. Add the following script to the script channel above the frame.

8. Play the movie. Here is an unprotected copy to show you what it should do: You will need the animated gif xtra to see this in a browser you may open it in Director.



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