Tutorial 7

Quicktime in Director

Incorporating movies into Director is easy. Director supports AVI and Quicktime files in Windows and Quicktime on the MAC. AVI'Sare changed to QT when played on a Mac. MPEG's must be translated to Quicktime format before using them.

1. Import a digital video file. remember that Director links to the original so it must remain present in the folder that your movie will reside in.

2. Place the movie on the stage. Then Place some text in a lower channel so that it will appear over the movie sprite.

3. Select the movie sprite and open Modify-->CastMember-->Properties. Click on Options.

4. You can set the movie to pause or loop by using these settings accordingly. In early versions of director, video played on top of everthing else, no matter it's position in the score. That's not the case now as this case illustrates.

Note: setting the movie to direct to stage may enhance performance. It also allows you to contol the movie vcompletely by lingo or Quicktime.


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