Tutorial 9-

Using the "Go to URL" Behavior


When Shockwave premiered about five years ago, it was a turning point for multimedia on the web. Now you could easily create an application that not only ran over the web, but could connect and interact with existing www sites. This tutorial will show you how to build a web clearinghouse that will send a user to multiple sites using a behavior supplied with Director.


1. We will begin with a completed director movie that has a series of animated rollover buttons that reveal a new image in a fixed place on rollover. Save it as source or right click the link on a pc. To this we will add the web connectivity in this tutorial.


 2. Here is a glimpse at the rollover script that must appear in the script channel above all the frames.  

3. On the rollover, an image pertaining to the particular link appears:

4. OK. That's the starting point for what we want to accomplish here. First you want to make sure that every iteration of a particular button is selected.


5. Then we want to go to the library pallette and find the navigation behaviors.



6. When this behavior is dropped on the target sprite on stage you will get a dialog box: type in the appropriate url. Be sure to include http:// if on the net. You can use a pathname if navigating to a local file. Once on the web, the browser will be opened to a new window and the page will be displayed in it.

 7. Save the file.  


 8. to get it to the web, you will need to resave the movie as a shockwave file. If you want, let Director create an html page in which to display the file when saving. It will even open the browser for you. What service!  



9. Then ftp the file and html page to a directory on the web and test in your bbrowser that is equipped with the shockwave plug in!

Here is the url where the wirking version resides.


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