Instructional Technology Center

Flo Valley's Educational Technology Resource Center

The Instructional Technology Center (ITC) is a state-of-the-art computer resource center for Florissant Valley faculty. In the ITC, our faculty can explore, learn, and develop computer-assisted instructional materials. The ITC houses the resources necessary to create multimedia-rich applications, Web pages, and presentations for educational use.

Faculty Support

The ITC is home to a host of professionals who are experienced in the many facets of multimedia development. Support areas include:

Instructional Design
Multimedia Authoring
Digital Imaging
Audio/Video Production
A/V Equipment Selection

Technologies for Faculty Use

The ITC has 4 computer stations available for faculty development (2 PC and 2 Macs).

Additional resources include:

Flatbed Scanners
CD burner
Laptop Computers
Slide Scanner
Color Printers
Laser Printers
Internet Access
Digital Camera
Video Capture Devices
Scan Converters
LCD Panels
Digital Projectors

Software Resources

The ITC computers have an array of software packages to help faculty develop computer-assisted instructional materials.

Illustration software
Photoshop software
Microsoft Office
Adobe Pagemill
OCR Software
Netscape Navigator
Digital Video Editing software
Authoring software

Training Resources

CThe ITC also has a number of self tutorials in the form of books, Windows Academy Videos and CD-Roms.


For More Information

Call Anthony Foster
(314) 595-2060