Spring 2001

EDU 102-551 evaluation survey - Your name here

Section I: Demographic Data

  1. Please select your academic level from the following options:

  2. With what speed Internet connection do you most often use Blackboard?

  3. What is the processor speed of the machine you most frequently use with Blackboard?

  4. Rate your level of expertise using a computer on a scale from 1 (beginner) to 5 (advanced expert)


Section II: Short Answer


  1. Has using Blackboard CourseInfo enhanced the quality of your course(s)?

    If yes, how? If no, why?

    Are there features not in Blackboard that you think should be included?

    What features?

    Do you think that student participation is different (either in quality or in quantity) between courses using Blackboard and traditional courses?

    Explain your choice

    What advantages and disadvantages do you see in using Blackboard software?

    What kind of computer do you use most frequently with Blackboard:



Section III: Opinion

Please click on the button that most closely describes your reaction to statements numbered 12 through 20. Note that for questions numbered 21 to 31, compare your Blackboard course(s) to your traditional lecture courses.

Choose one from the following:
disagree neutral agree strongly
12 Overall I am satisfied with the technology used for the live class sessions
13 Blackboard is user-friendly.
14 Blackboard makes learning in my course(s) easier.

15 I was able to quickly learn how to use Blackboard's functions.
16 Technical support for Blackboard is adequate.
disagree neutral agree strongly
17 Blackboard makes it easy to access course materials.
18 It would be helpful if more faculty used Blackboard to organize course materials.
19 Blackboard's tools function reliably and uniformly on the computers I use.
20 The Discussion Board makes it easy to participate in and follow discussions.
21 Using Blackboard helps me to manage my study time more effectively.
disagree neutral agree strongly
22 My class (face-to-face) time is used more effectively due to Blackboard.
23 I collaborate more with peers because I use Blackboard.
24 I receive feedback from my instructor more rapidly in my Blackboard course(s).
25 Blackboard makes my class more enjoyable.
26 I more readily express myself to others in my Blackboard course(s).
disagree neutral agree strongly
27 I am better prepared for class activities because I use Blackboard.
28 I interact more with other students because I use Blackboard.
29 I interact more with my teaching assistant(s) because I use Blackboard.
30 I interact more with my professor(s) because I use Blackboard.
31 I am better prepared for my labs because I use Blackboard.


32 - A. Please rate the usefulness of the following features to enhance learning: (Very Ineffective, Ineffective, Neutral, Effective, Very Effective, or Not Applicable):
Online Gradebook
Live Chat
Discussion Board
Course Documents and Assignments
Quizzes (assessment tools)
Send Email (class email lists)
Group collaboration (file sharing, chats, discussion board within groups)
Student Dropboxes (home hand-in)
Student/Group Web Pages


B. Consider the above list. Which item is most useful to you?

C. Which item is least useful to you?

33 What other comments or questions do you have about the Blackboard system?

Section IV: Conclusion:
  1. In the space below, feel free to share any ideas or suggestions involving technology in the classroom that you think SLCC should consider:

  2. What should we have asked in this survey, but didn't?

Thank you for participating in this survey! The 2001 Blackboard CourseInfo Student Survey follows approved guidelines and principles of good practice in using human subjects in research. Participating students will not be identified by any individual survey response. Survey data will be used solely for original research intent.

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