Instructor Guide - Lesson Ten

Lesson Title- Lesson Plans

Course- EDU 102 FV    
Instructor- Anthony Foster    
Lesson Goal-Students will complete a lesson plan from research and templates    

Terminal Objective - Students will create a learning resource for EDU 102


Desired Learning outcomes

Learning Objectives

To introduce students to creating lesson plans


Core software Frontpage, Blackboard, Word  
Equipment Data Projector / computers  
Materials Online resources, floppy disks  
Time Required 2 hours 30 minutes  
Location SS112  
Synopsis of Lesson Students are given a lecture and readings on creating sound lesson plans that will incorporate a computer.  

Lesson Plan

Desired Learning Outcomes Student Activity Instructor Activity
Introduction Time:15 minutes

t. Students, when given a recent article or web resource of their choice on the subject of computers in education will review and publish a review of 200 words to their Blackboard dropbox/external links area.

Objective Type: Terminal

Students listen.



Overview of the nite's offerings- review posating to labsite external links area


Body Time:2 hours

u. When given access to a multimedia computer, students will use Office and Blackboard to create an instructional unit of at least one-hour duration.

Objective Type: Enabling


i. Students, when given a tutorial exercise, will create examples of a handout, an email, an html document, and an online instructional resource with 80% accuracy.

Objective Type: Terminal


v. Student, when given access to a computer lab equipped with multimedia computers, will complete all assignments using for the course to a 80 percent level of completion.


C1. Students, when assigned a Blackboard course shell, will create an online instructional resource consisting of at least ten discrete documents.

Objective Type: Enabling

J1. Students, when given theoretical constructs defining best practices, will construct a unit lesson plan incorporating those theories into practical usage. Unit will cover one hour of instructional time.

Objective Type: Terminal

m. Students, when given access to lab software, will demonstrate their ability to plan and produce a computer based lesson in at least three discrete examples.

Objective Type: Enabling


K1. Students, when given the appropriate web content creation tools, will collaboratively create an online learning environment.

Objective Type: Terminal

o. Students, when given a prompt question , will successfully log on to a course discussion board and post their responses to that thread with 100 percent accuracy.

Objective Type: Enabling


A1. Students, when given writing assignments, will utilize Office and Blackboard to complete 100 percent of those assignments.

Objective Type: Enabling


x. Students, when given a variety of exploration exercises, will successfully operate computer equipment and operating system 100 with percent efficiency.

Objective Type: Terminal



p. Students, when given access to a Blackboard group shell course, will collaborate with team members to build a fully functioning course site to 80 percent accuracy.

Objective Type: Terminal


q. Students, when given a variety of software packages, will create and post all class projects to their student dropoff site with at least a 70 percent completion rate.

Objective Type: Enabling



Students listen and ask questions, respond to instructor prompts

Students discuss key points of online readings

Students work on creating lesson plans in lab


Lecture ( 30 minutes- Ten best practices for creating a sound lesson plan)

Discussion- 30 minutes- review and discuss web based readings for tonight

Labwork-60 minutes

Instructor reviews and interacts with students while they work on lesson plans in class

Conclusion Time:15 minutes



Assignment- Read Powerpointers website- read at least 20 pages of this excellent resource.

Instructor outlines and discusses assignment