Task Analysis -Lesson 5

Analysis of Learning Task-micro Information processing analysis for ONE instructional goal (see appendix 5 for info processing analysis)

Instructional Goal:Students will create and deliver a presentation using multimedia enabled software.

Task:Students will learn to create a Powerpoint presentation.

Format- Presentation, Demonstration and tutorial format- 2.5 hour timeframe.

Prerequisite skills-

Overview of lab and course site

Hands on with hardware

Configuring system

Hands on- use scanner

Configure printer

Hook up data projector demo

Capture video demo/digital camera

Quiz on basic computer functions

Word processing assignment

(Saved as html)

troubleshooting as topic


1. Core Task - Apply productivity tools for creating multimedia presentations-Powerpoint

A. Subtask -Overview Interface anatomy

Sub-subtask -Identify Screen Elements

Sub-subtask -Navigate slides

B. Subtask -Create presentation shell

Sub-subtask -Use Presentations tab

Sub-subtask -Use AutoContent Wizard

Sub-subtask -Employ existing Templates

C. Subtask -Create Slides

Sub-subtask -Choose and Format slides

Sub-subtask -Enter and Format text

Sub-subtask -Insert clip art

Sub-subtask-Animate text and objects

D. Subtask -Organize content

Sub-subtask -Use Outline mode

Sub-subtask -Sort slides with Slide sorter

Sub-subtask -Hide slides

E. Subtask -Output presentation

Sub-subtask -Save as Basic slide show

Sub-subtask -Print Handouts

Sub-subtask -Print Overheads

Sub-subtask-Save as Powerpoint Show

F. Subtask-Making it multimedia

Sub-subtask -Import video

Sub-subtask -Incorporate gif 89A animation

Sub-subtask -Import a soundfile

Sub-subtask-Explore uses of Other media



Related attitudes and/or knowledge:

Assignment- Lab time for hands on production and implementation of learning. Access to online tutorial to accompany lesson.

Organize elements of presentation in outline format

Identify elements of presentation

Accessing and identifying various media file types