Learner Analysis

Cognitive characteristics (aptitude, preferred learning styles, prerequisite knowledge).


Instructional Preferences

Instructor Led Classroom 100.00%

Computer-based Training 0.89%

Observing Others 0.66%

Simulations 0.76%

Other 0.10%



Core Curriculum Review


Job and/or Curriculum Attitude

General desire to learn more. In most cases there is a realization that the skills taught are extremely important to their career goals. As this will become a required course, availability is demanded. Based on the "Do not need " response on the skills assessment, recommend orientation to certificate program standards and ISTE goals as well.

Skills responses

1. Lack of understanding of conceptual constructs pertaining to learning theory.

2. Indicated limited experience with computers.

3. Indicated limited exposure to the leveraging Internet as tool.

4. Limited familiarity with educational software options.

5. Indication of limited exposure to computers in their own college curriculum.

6. Lack of a practical forum in which to apply existing skills.

7. Existing skill set fairly basic.

8. Need for more active learning exercises.


One-on-one Interview

Expert Analysis

Core Curriculum Review

Computer Skills Assessment (see appendix 1)

Psychosocial Characteristics

Students must take course as required in their certification track. Expert interview indicated students are aware of this requirement and are generally enthusiastic about learning.

Information processing analysis

For Lesson 5- (see appendix 05)