Development stage

Instructor will utilize a tandem of instructional models through out semester.

Project based learning: Students learn about using computers in the classroom by developing materials to teach other students (e.g., web pages, learning resources and lesson plans This "learning by creating" approach is extended to their own learning in that delivery of course content will be via a course management platform and then students will create their own environment using the same tool at an administrative level.

Problem based learning will engage student teams in advanced problem solving and in constructivist activities which will give them first hand knowledge of using course management tools.. Teams are responsible for problem analysis, research, and solutions. Instructors coach teams as needed.

Students are supported on authentic problem-solving tasks by extensive resources, tools with which instructor has achieved mastery level. This will engage learners in critical thinking as well.

A cooperative learning venture will require students to collaborate and work together on their final project. Students are responsible for their own and for their teammates' understanding.

A multimedia audiovisual tutorial approach created by the instructorwill be available for students to achieve mastery of software beyond the instruction offered in class.


Delivery Strategies - (table 3)



Organizational Strategy
media will be selected on the basis of their ability to enable the organizational strategy (e.g., conditions, methods, models).

  • For instruction involving analogical reasoning, Inspiration 6 software will be used for sketching network relationships.
  • To provide basic feedback on concepts, instructor will use multimedia software.
  • Blackboard's communications tools- particularly the discussion boards will be used to promote conversation among students.
  • Blackboard's course management tools will be used to allow student teams to construct an actual teaching resource and then will be used for the students to manage it themselves

Learning Environment
students will have access to software and hardware needed to complete all assignments.

  • Instructor will utilize course management tools of blackboard and Office to facilitate developing media and/or facilitating/grading technology-based projects
  • Instructor and students all have access to production equipment
  • Budget is negligible and unnecessary
  • Development will be during course of two semesters and as a part of instructor's final project for master's degree.
  • Class size limited to eighteen students.
  • 18 student workstations with view of instructor's station and data projection, Two additional production level machines.
  • Students can access materials online, in labs, on personal computers.

Students have limited prior exposure or experience with new media forms and will require training.

  • Computer skills assessment performed
  • Orientation and learning of tools is part of course
  • Students will work individually and on group projects- and will participate in online discussions as individuals
  • All classes in SS 112
  • Access will provide for ADA requests

Development Issues
Instructor will use or modify existing materials (e.g., the vast resources available on the Internet) and will build a massive course resource site to supplement lecture and in class activities

  • Instructor is developer of course
  • ID is paid position to create course