Sample Lesson Plan for lesson 1 (see appendix 6)

Criterion referenced rubric for assessing lesson 5 (Table 5)


Criterion 1

Criterion 2

Criterion 3


Student will demonstrate ability to open and set up powerpoint software using the AutoContent Wizard.

Some ability demonstrated

Powerpoint works

Excellent presentation


Students will insert at least 5 instances of clip art or graphics into presentation.

Some instances included correctly

Graphics inserted but lack design excellence

Excellent design choice of media


Students will incorporate at least one example of a multimedia file into their powerpoint presentation

Example inserted but works inconsistently

Example works but inappropriate to content

Examples work on cross platform environment and is appropriate to content


Student will create content on at least ten slides utilizing their presentation outlines

Some slides correctly completed

Most slides complete

Slides will be coherent in design


Students will save powerpoint presentation to appropriate storage media and print out handouts for class.

Handouts satisfactory

Handouts exemplary

Handouts incorporate extra information