Criteria for Judging a Successful Student

All students will attain an 80 per cent proficiency in all instructional objectives.

Students will construct learning while applying theoretical knowledge to the building of an actual course resource site including creating course documents, announcements, media and online presentations while operating in a course authoring and management environment (Blackboard). Students will need to be enrolled in a master BB account- course site. Then they will be logged into a second course site for the lab in which they will be coursebuilders and a second identity as a student so they can also take quizzes and see the tracking functionality of the database.

Lessons will be based on results of Learner analysis.

Class time will be 75 minutes lecture (3:45-5:00) and 75 minutes labtime.(5:00-6:15) to be adjusted as benefits the class.

Students will assume and swap roles in a collaborative production environment for final project.

Assessment by rubric. Areas considered 800 points total