Formative evaluation and revision

In order to improve the proposed instruction, the course will be taught on a trial basis in the semester before it becomes a part of the accreditation requirements. Formative evaluation of new instructional materials will be conducted with experts and target audience members prior to full-scale implementation. Expert review of content by instructional designers and teacher education faculty experts will provide useful information for modifying or revising selected strategies.

To determine if students can use the new materials, if they lack prerequisites, if they are motivated, and if they learn, a learner review will be incorporated into the evaluation. Problems such as confusing organizational structures, confusing media interfaces and navigation, or a need for more illustrations and examples may be brought to the surface by this endeavor. These voiced concerns would lead to revised and improved instruction.

Summative Evaluation

For purposes of future summative evaluation, it is recommended that the following data sets be harvested and archived. Data could include quantitative results of the innovation including criterion-referenced assessments to determine how well students met specified objectives. Data could also include qualitative interviews, observations, and artifact analyses. It is recommended that the following NOVA evaluation be a part of the process:

Stufflebeams' CIPP Model
A Design for Evaluation, Nova Evaluation, Iowa State


Describes the "context" in which an innovation occurs, the "inputs" of the innovation, the formative "processes" occurring, and the summative "products" or outcomes.

Other Evaluation methodologies


Students will be interviewed as part of the project creation phase as to muddiest points and problem concepts.

Surveys and Questionnaires

Online student form will be used for student evaluation of course, instructor and suggestions for improving course content and pedagogy. Instructor will be evaluated by criteria established by best practices section of course.

Direct Observation

In addition, instructor will be observed and subsequently students queried by observer with Likert type response sheets during first half of semester by the instructor's supervisor and feedback will be given instructor.