Instructor Guide - Lesson Eleven

Lesson Title- Presentation design

Course- EDU 102 FV    
Instructor- Anthony Foster    
Lesson Goal-Student create a powerpoint presentation to supplement lesson plan    

Terminal Objective -

J1. Students, when given theoretical constructs defining best practices, will construct a unit lesson plan incorporating those theories into practical usage. Unit will cover one hour of instructional time.

Objective Type: Terminal


Desired Learning outcomes

Learning Objectives

Students apply previous lessons to create a Powerpoint presentation


Core software Powerpoint  
Equipment Data Projector / computers  
Materials Online resources, floppy disks  
Time Required 2 hours 30 minutes  
Location SS112  
Synopsis of Lesson Review of Powerpoint and hands on building of Presentations  

Lesson Plan

Desired Learning Outcomes Student Activity Instructor Activity
Introduction Time:15 minutes

Students listen.

Students post lesson plan assignments to course labsite



Overview of the nite's offerings

Instructor guides students through posting assignments


Body Time:1 hour 55 minutes

G1. Students, when given a series of internet related ethical and legal issues, will post replies to the course communications site with 90 percent participation frequency.

Objective Type: Enabling

A1. Students, when given writing assignments, will utilize Office and Blackboard to complete 100 percent of those assignments.

Objective Type: Enabling

I1. Students, when given the presentation assignment, will learn Powerpoint to the degree necessary to enable them to create a ten slide presentation.

Objective Type: Enabling

Body 1: Students listen and learn


Body 2:

Students review the good, bad and the ugly examples in presentation

Students follow Production of PPT presentation

Students use PPT templates and wizards

Students import an image in to PPT and reformat texts

Save files to floppy disks

Upload to Course Labsite if finished- deadline is April 5 for submission


Body 1:

30 minute lecture on ethical and legal issues on the Internet.

Body 2: 10 minutes review of Presentation design issues

Instructor works with individual students on completion of PPT presentations.

Conclusion Time:10 minutes



Students listen.

Instructor: Summary statements and overview of next lesson: Webquests