Instructor Guide - Lesson Three

Lesson Title- Instructional approaches    
Course- EDU 102 FV    
Instructor- Anthony Foster    
Lesson Goal-Theory to practice from an instructional approaches and learning architectures perspective combined with software overview.    

Terminal Objective

S1. Students, at the end of two weeks lecture and reading one effective design of learner centered lesson plans, will demonstrate their ability to create such a plan utilizing at least three of the major conceptual strategies covered in the lesson to an 80 percent efficiency level.(see Rubric)

Objective Type: Terminal

J1. Students, when given theoretical constructs defining best practices, will construct a unit lesson plan incorporating those theories into practical usage. Unit will cover one hour of instructional time.

Objective Type: Terminal


Desired Learning outcomes

Learning Objectives

Students will begin to incorporate pedagogy into technical education in computer concepts

Purpose of Lesson To introduce students to basic instructional approaches  
Equipment Data Projector / computers  
Materials powerpoint presentation  
Time Required 2 hours 30 minutes  
Location SS112  
Synopsis of Lesson Students are given concrete applications related to a variety of instructional approaches using technologies available in lab  

Lesson Plan

Desired Learning Outcomes Student Activity Instructor Activity
Introduction Time:10 minutes

h. Students, when asked to print a document with a specified format will reformat a document, choose a printer configuration and successfully print that document with 90% accuracy




Gaining attention:

This lesson builds on the previous one - it gived a variety of instructional approaches along with examples of how they can be realized by incorporating computers.


Body Time:1 hour 55 minutes

x. Students, when given a variety of exploration exercises, will successfully operate computer equipment and operating system 100 with percent efficiency.

Objective Type: Terminal

B1. Students, when given a discovery exercise will complete a timed scavenger hunt to at least 70 percent accuracy.

Objective Type: Enabling

Students listen, take notes and follow demonstrations on their own computers

Students print out notes

Review of lab and course site

Hands on with hardware

Configuring system

Practice with demo discussion board entries

Online search and save bookmarks

Configure printer

Body 1: Instructional approaches

  • Presentation
  • Demonstration
  • Discussion
  • Cooperative learning
  • Discovery
  • Problem solving
  • Games
  • Simulation
  • Drill and Practice
  • Tutorial

Body 2:Demos

Instructor will demo the course discussion board and Google search engine, printer configuration


Conclusion Time:10 minutes

k. Students, when given a reflection assignment, will post an answer to a discussion board by cutting and pasting from their word processor with 100 % accuracy.

Objective Type: Enabling

o. Students, when given a prompt question , will successfully log on to a course discussion board and post their responses to that thread with 100 percent accuracy.

Objective Type: Enabling


Students will discuss lesson.

Assignment 3- Due Feb. 1 Using the favorites feature of Internet Explorer and the search engine capabilities of Google locate at least three websites that you would use in the classroom setting. You must export these to an html file and then incorporate them into your webpage assignment.

Instructor will lead summary discussion (Outline lesson on board to reiterate.)

Instructor will answer student questions

Instructor will alert students to online assignment