Instructor Guide - Lesson Five

Lesson Title- Instructional Planning

Course- EDU 102 FV    
Instructor- Anthony Foster    
Lesson Goal-Continue to apply pedagogical constructs to productivity tool mastery    

Terminal Objective

J1. Students, when given theoretical constructs defining best practices, will construct a unit lesson plan incorporating those theories into practical usage. Unit will cover one hour of instructional time.

Objective Type: Terminal


Desired Learning outcomes

Learning Objectives

To introduce students to instructional planning and basic webpage publication.


Core software Word 2000, Frontpage 2000, Blackboard, Internet Explorer  
Equipment Data Projector / computers  
Materials Floppy disks with student materials from last lesson  
Time Required 2 hours 30 minutes  
Location SS112  
Synopsis of Lesson Students are given concrete applications related to a variety of instructional planning approaches using technologies available in lab  

Lesson Plan

Desired Learning Outcomes Student Activity Instructor Activity
Introduction Time:10 minutes

Students listen.



Gaining attention:

This lesson covers instructional planning and then move on to a webpage construction overview.

Review of course resources for tonight.

Review of Blackboard posting procedures


Body Time:2 hours 10 minutes

f. Students, when performing a procedure, will demonstrate the function of a scanner and a printer (computer peripheral devices) with 90% accuracy.

Objective Type: Enabling

D1. Students, when given a web publishing assignment, will create content in html format and publish it successfully to the WWW with 90 percent accuracy.

Objective Type: Terminal

n. Students, when given a variety of software tools will create and publish a webpage to the Internet with 100 % accuracy.

Objective Type: Enabling

O1. Students, when given access and training on a html editor, will successfully post a web archive of resources pertaining to a discipline of thier choice to an 80 percent completion level.

Objective Type: Enabling

A1. Students, when given writing assignments, will utilize Office and Blackboard to complete 100 percent of those assignments.

Objective Type: Enabling

First two exercises are concurrent:

Exercise one: Image capture continued - students continue to scan images and take each other's pictures with digital camera while class composes 200 words to describe why they are in this class. Instructor demo's HP Scanject scanning and use of digital camera in two by two scenario.

Exercise two: Organize and export favorites as html and then insert into Frontpage table cell.

Exercise three: Using Frontpage, build your webpage according to the instructions you received in class. Then post the page to the Blackboard lab site for the course as instructed.

Body 1:Instructional planning

  1. Events
  2. Managing course information
  3. Course communications
  4. Creativity

Body 2:Frontpage overview-

Core Software- Frontpage 2000

Tutorial led by instructor with data projector- (includes demonstration of Save as, insert image, insert table, merge table cells)

IE save favorites as html page, cut and past urls into Frontpage document, insert scanned images, format type

Review of publishing in Blackboard space.

Instructor helps students scan and oversees their work on exercises

Conclusion Time:10 minutes



Students will save work to floppy disks

Students review each other's pages


By next class: Research the subject "computers in the classroom" on a search engine- Read enough that you can write a 200 word entry on the discussion board on the topic "How computers can enhance learning". Due by Feb 22.

Instructor will lead summary discussion (Outline lesson on board to reiterate.)

Instructor will answer student questions

Instructor will alert students to next class topics