Instructor Guide - Lesson Six

Lesson Title- Media selection

Course- EDU 102 FV    
Instructor- Anthony Foster    
Lesson Goal-Students learn how tools we used tonight can be utilized in classroom setting    

Terminal Objective-

x. Students, when given a variety of exploration exercises, will successfully operate computer equipment and operating system 100 with percent efficiency.

Objective Type: Terminal


Desired Learning outcomes

Learning Objectives

To introduce students to media selectiona and utilization of resources


Core software Blackboard, Internet Explorer  
Equipment Data Projector / computers  
Materials Floppy disks with student materials from last lesson  
Time Required 2 hours 30 minutes  
Location SS112  
Synopsis of Lesson Students are given hands on experience with web search techniques and an overview of how and when to use media in the classroom.  

Lesson Plan

Desired Learning Outcomes Student Activity Instructor Activity
Introduction Time:10 minutes

Students listen.



Review of previous topics


Body Time:2 hours 10 minutes

m. Students, when given access to lab software, will demonstrate their ability to plan and produce a computer based lesson in at least three discrete examples.

Objective Type: Enabling

n. Students, when given a variety of software tools will create and publish a webpage to the Internet with 100 % accuracy.

Objective Type: Enabling


q. Students, when given a variety of software packages, will create and post all class projects to their student dropoff site with at least a 70 percent completion rate.

Objective Type: Enabling

Students listen and take notes on lecture

Exercise one Image harvesting- students utilize Altavista/clip media sites to search for images to enhance their webpage. Then save images with mouse click and by file save as.

Each student will log onto the Labsite course shell which they will be utilizing the rest of the semester to upload and display their work. This is where students will build an online learning environment individually and collaboratively.

Upload saved images to student dropbox for later use

Instructional Media -lecture/demo 30 minutes

  • When and why to use media
  • Searching the web via Altavista
  • Online clip media
  • Copyright issues for instructors
  • Publishing on the web


    Blackboard- Exploration of the EDU 102 labsite. All students have coursebuilder status.

    Review guidelines and rules for working in this shared environment.

    Core software review- using Frontpage 2000 to construct a webpage. Instructor leads a step by step tutorial on how to rebuild the webpages in Frontpage with discussion of pro's and cons of using a WYSISYG html editor. Compare html source from both pages students have constructed.

Conclusion Time:10 minutes



Students will save work to floppy disks

Students review each other's pages


By next class: Research the subject "computers in the classroom" on a search engine- Read enough that you can write a 200 word entry on the discussion board on the topic "How computers can enhance learning". Due by Feb 22.

Tying it all together- discussion of how tools we used tonight can be utilized in classroom setting

Instructor will answer student questions

Instructor will alert students to next class topics