Computer Skills Inventory


Task: I canĶ


Know some


Know most


Know all


General computer skills





  • Start and shut down a computer





  • Install software-Student Installs Office





  • Connect and use peripherals- lesson 3
    • Scanner
    • Printer
    • Speakers





  • Do basic computer troubleshooting- lab assignment





  • Use appropriate terminology related to computers in written and oral communications- quiz





  • Demonstrate knowledge of the uses of computers





Word processing skills- MS Word





  • Create an informal memo- Class 2

o      Open/close Word

o      Create document

o      Save Document

o      Print preview and print





  • Edit and format document
    • Insert/delete text
    • Cut and paste
    • Change font and size
    • Change document formatting
    • Spell check





  • Create a customized document
    • Find and replace text
    • Set tabs
    • Change margins





  • Work with multiple documents
    • Load multiple documents
    • Cut and paste between documents





  • Select Page, Paper and Printer types
    • Change orientation, paper size, quality
    • Change printer selection
    • Print multiple copies





  • Create a table
    • Add/delete rows or columns
    • Covert text to a table
    • Add color /format cells





  • Create a handout
    • Use Word Art/clip art
    • Add images





  • Use web features of Word
    • Save as html
  • View in browser





Frontpage 2000





  • Create or Import links





  • Import images





  • Create webpage from bookmarks





  • Publish webpage





  • Create table





  • Organize favorites





Task: I canĶ


Know some

Know most

Know all

Internet skills





15. Apply General internet skills/abilities

    • Describe the meaning of the Internet
    • Describe what a browser is
    • Install a browser
    • Define an ISP
    • Configure a browser





16. Surf the internet

    • Connect to the net via a browser
    • Enter URLs to surf the web
    • Set/edit bookmarks
    • Use a search engine
    • Download text files and images





Use other Internet features





    • 17. Use a listserv





    • 18. Read a newsgroup





    • 19. Use a discussion board





    • 20. Publish webpage





    • 21. Create a Webpage





22. Use Email

  • Check, read and send messages
  • Use message attachments
  • Create mailboxes
  • Create filters
  • Use address book





Presentation skills





23. Use Powerpoint

  • Create a simple presentation
  • Create a bulleted list
  • Add images and multimedia










24. Describe instructional principles relating to computers





25. Demonstrate knowledge of ethical and legal issues concerning computers and technology





26. Use a course management tool.





27. Use communications dropbox





28. Design a computer based learning environment





29.Create a links page for a learning resource





30. Create an online quiz





31. Take an online quiz





32. Utilize course website outside of lab





33. Edit a digital photo