Class One with Events of Instruction


Class time- 3:45- 6:15 (2.5 hours)


Introduction -10 minutes

Gaining attention:

This is the introductory lesson for the course. We will be taking care of some housekeeping and orientation issues in this period. We will  enroll students into the course website, explore its functionality and log on procedures.


Students will benefit greatly from taking good notes on this section. When questions occur they will want to refer back to this as they learn about specific computer applications later in the course.


We will also complete a computer skills assessment today. The skills assessment is an important exercise that will inform the direction we go with the class.




Instructional objectives:


Students, when given a hands on orientation to our course management tool, will successfully log onto the site.

Objective Type:  Enabling


Students, when given access to the student tools area of our course will successfully update their student information.

Objective Type:  Terminal


Students, when given access and instruction on creating a student e-mail acoount will successfully create an account.

Objective Type:  Terminal



Body- 1 hour 55 minutes total


Body 1- Intro lecture outline-

I. Why I am teaching this course and why you are taking it.

a.  Technology standards and the future of teacher education.

b. Establishing authority- what makes me qualified to teach this course?


II. Where is the class going?

            a. Overview of syllabus

b. Overview of calendar

c. Overview of Course website


Body 2. Didactic sequence- 30 minutes Instructor will discuss how we will use technology in the context of the course to build a course web resource.  An exercise to familiarize students with the computer will be pursued in order to eliminate fear if destroying or hurting equipment. Opening a web browser. A demonstration of the basic capability of Blackboard will be given.

Then each student will enter enrollment information into the course site.


Body 3. Tutorial- 45 minutes

Students will follow along with instructor as a basic overview of the Internet is explored. Search engines and web resources for the class will be demonstrated. Students will set up a student e-mail account for use in the class.



In class discussion 10 minutes.



Summary and Review, Question and Answer time -10 minutes

 Outline lesson on board to reiterate.


Check assignments area.