Answer Key for ME Coalition Assistive Technology Video Discussion Questions


Describe the different types of assistive technology with which you are familiar. How are

these technologies used in the classroom? Are any adaptations made for students with

physical disabilities?


Students can rely on past experiences and classroom observations in which they have seen

technology (e.g., Software and hardware) devices used in the classroom.


Design a plan for infusing an assistive technology device for an elementary or secondary

student with a significant deficit in the production of written material.


Remind students that assistive technology as well as all technology has great potential as a teaching

tool. It is important to treat instructional technology as you would treat any other supplemental

resource. The following suggestions should help you integrate technology into your lesson plans.


1. Select the teaching objective.


2. Select the materials, books, and technology (e.g., software, device) needed to achieve the

teaching objective.


3. Arrange the environment to facilitate the use of the technology. (e.g., proper workspace,

proximity of the computer and the printer).


4. Evaluate to monitor student progress and the effectiveness of the technology. (e.g., Was the

student independent with the technology? Did the student understand?


Name a device shown in the video that could be considered low tech. Which devices could be

considered high tech?


Low‑tech items are found in the segment about April. Wrist‑weights, pencil grip, large pencil


High‑tech items are found in each segment of the video. e.g. Chasity used a Braille‑n‑Speak April used an Alpha Smart


How could you infuse assistive technology into peer tutoring, cooperative learning and whole

group instruction in the classroom?


This question can be used as a starter for class discussion. Answers may vary.