Assistive Technology Resources for Further Learning


AAC, for great information on creating literacy based communication boards and

an excellent resource list on AAC, go to:


AbilityHub Assistive Technology for computers and disability. AbilityHub is an Assistive

Technology related web site for people with a disability who find operating a computer difficult,

maybe even impossible.


Closing the Gap is a web site offering a variety of articles, resources and interactive activities

related to assistive technology. It offers the "Question of the Week" to encourage visitors to share

their knowledge and feedback with other visitors. the site now has a search capability to allow

visitors to search their Resource Directory of computer related products for individuals with special



The Family Village is a website designed to provide information for families with children with

disabilities. It includes medical information, assistive technology devices, funding, and many other

topics, all housed in a user friendly "village" format with a shopping mall, library, school, post office,



Florida Assistive Technology Education Network (ATEN) Homepage has tutorials that can be

downloaded on a variety of assistive technology devices.


NCIP provides information on a wide variety of assistive technology, with an emphasis on



The Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology (QIAT) website (

includes the work done to date to develop a comprehensive set of quality indicators for effective assistive

technology services by school districts.


The TAM (Technology and Media) Division of the Council for Exceptional Children offers a

variety of information about assistive technology and special education instructional technology.

You can learn more about its publications, conferences, and membership at


Trace Research & Design Center includes the Abledata database of assistive technology (found

under Cooperative Electronic Library), software toolkits (a collection of freeware and shareware

with a focus on computer access for individuals with disabilities) and many disability related articles

and papers.


WATI (Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative)