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Assignment 1- due by January 18

Vocabulary list- homework- research using one of the resources listed below and write a short definition for each of the following by next class meeting. (0bjective a.)











Computer system




Device driver





Graphics Card

Hard Disk




Operating system








Links to online glossaries

Assignment 2-due by January 25

Assignment: Based on the lesson, design your own computer. In a 500 words or less  posting to the discussion forum  board, list the components, configuration and features you would include in your "Dream" computer. Money is no object, but tell me how much it would cost. You may use the Internet or make a trip to a computer store to document your wish list. Give rationale and specifics on why you chose as you did in regard to  how you would use the computer.

  Assignment 3- Due Feb. 1
Using the favorites feature of Internet Explorer and the search engine capabilities of Google locate at least three websites that you would use in the classroom setting. You must export these to an html file and then incorporate them into your webpage assignment.
  Assignment 4- Feb 15
In class: Using Frontpage, build your webpage according to the instructions you received in class. Then post the page to the Blackboard lab site for the course as instructed.

By next class: Research the subject "computers in the classroom" on a search engine- Read enough that you can write a 200 word entry on the discussion board on the topic "How computers can enhance learning". Due by Feb 22.

  Assignment 5

Readings for March 1 class

Do a websearch in google or your favorite search engine for combinations of the terms internet, education, computers, educational, resources, learning, etc. Find what you would consider tto be an exceptional educational website. Post two url's to the external links area of Edu 102 FV lab, along with a short description of what you found there and why it would be beneficial to students in the classroom. Here are some starting places if you are having difficulty.

THE Journal's Roadmap to the Internet
Global SchoolNet Foundation, non-profit & well connected!
Kathy Schrock's Educator Page, great for beginners!
"Mining the Internet" columns, pithy & practical
Teachers Helping Teachers, w/ lesson plans, activities, strategies, etc
WebCrawler lists & reviews sites for K-12

Teachers' Network


Ask Jeeves for Kids


The Global Schoolhouse

FreeZone for Kids

  Assignment 6A
To do in class on March 15: Using the lesson plan outline we reviewed tonight, construct a lesson plan for the discipline of your choice that would cover one hour of instruction. Utilize proper form for your learning objectives. Put this in your digital dropbox. We will post them in class on March 22.

Assignment 6B
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The following readings are assigned to be read by March 22. We will have an in class discussion and exercise based on these readings. You will need these to construct your own internet lesson plan.

Readings by March 22

Lesson Plans Page - 10 Steps To Developing A Quality Lesson Plan: This guide is not meant to be the one and only way to develop a lesson plan. It is a general overview that highlights the key points of creating a lesson plan.

Creating Internet Lesson Plans that Guarantee success

This course is designed for elementary through high school teachers who are somewhat familar with the Internet and finding resources, and are ready to integrate the Internet into their curriculums. MAC/PC.

Creating Lesson Plans from the Teacher Explorer Center

While it may be true that experienced teachers do not write out elaborate lesson plans, nevertheless, for students learning to become teachers writing lesson plans can be very useful. The main benefit of writing writing lesson plans is to develop ggo habits of the mind. Habits that force the teacher to think about the important aspcets of the lesson and how to best teach and assess the lesson. While there are numerous lesson plan models most share basic characteristics, such as: objectives, introducing the lesson, lesson development, and assessment.


You should be able to tell me from the following readings the components of a good lesson plan, and example of a good learning objective, how to develop a lesson plan.You will need to be able to demonstrate the ability to complete a lesson plan on your own that incorporates the internet as a logical component.


Assignment 7
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Powerpoint feature of lesson plan. In preparation for completion of your Powerpoint presentation of 10 or more slides, review the "Good, the Bad and the Ugly lecture notes. Read this  new site on  Powerpoint Presentation Best Practices. It is at THE Journal.

Your Powerpoint presentations can be a review that is given at the first of a class or a review of content covered in your lesson plan for presentation at the conclusion of the lesson you are designing. It may also be a step by step tutorial for some  technical aspect of the class you are designing.


The Powerpoint presentation must be posted to the FVLabsite for  (EDU102) by April 5


Assignment 8
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To finish your Lesson plan, you must create a Powerpoint presentation of 8-10 slides to supplement some area of instruction. This can be included in your intro, conclusion or body.You may use a wizard or template if you prefer.


Assignment 9
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We will create an online quiz collaboratively.Using the information you observed on the tutorial, create three examples of questions you would create for a quiz for this course. Topics include anything we have coovered on the syllabus thus far. Remember to gear it towards next semester's students. Post the three questions to the Question pool folder on the EDU 102 labsite.


Assignment 10
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Students will research at least two discrete examples of the incorporation of online communications tools in the classroom and report to discussion board on two good examples of assignments/projects.Post your findings to the Communications tools reviews folder in course documents on the EDU 102 Labsite. Be sure to sign your reviews.


Assignment 11
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Webquest review: after reading the Tom March Webquest site, Explore a webquest online. Then write a short synopsis of the Webquest and tell me how you might incorporate such a learning activity into your classroom. Post to Webquest folder in Course Documents on the EDU 102 labsite.


Assignment 12
Collaborational Composition Assignment

1. Read the thread posted on the Dreambook. It runs chronologically, so read from top to bottom. You may need to hit the refresh button on your browser if you have visited the site previously. 2. Sign the Dreambook. Continue the story in a creative way by signing the guestbook. Enter your text by typing or cut and paste it from a word processing file. Click on the "Sign guestbook " button to post. The instructor will create a new beginning text when necessary. 3. Read your submission in the "Read the Project Dreambook" area.You may need to refresh your browser if you do not see your posting!