MCM219 Multimedia Applications: Macromedia Flash 5 Spring 2001

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January 8

Spring 2001 classes begin.

Chapter O Introduction- the big picture
Web Standard
Interactive and Engaging
Ease of Use
Few Design Limitations
Widespread Viewability

Housekeeping issues

Course overview-

Intro to Flash

Course website

Check out the Flash 5 Tour!

Check out this overview of new features in Flash 5.

Lab hours:

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January 15

HOLIDAY - ML KING BIRTHDAY - campus closed

Read Chapter 1: Flash Movie Essentials

Although we will not meet this week you absolutely need to spend time in chapter 2 this week!


Complete this tutorial...



January 22

REVIEW Chapter 1

The authoring environment





More Examples

How Flash Works
What's New in Flash

Interface Viewing Options
Setting Up Your Movie
Your First Interactive Flash Movie


Tutorial file

Assignment 1

January 29

Chapter 2: Flash Toolbox
Tools and Modifiers
Drawing Tasks

Drawing Tutorials


Design 101

Tutorial file

February 5

Chapter 3: Symbols and Libraries

Symbol essentials

Symbol types

Chapter 4: managing content

Understanding Symbols and Instances
Creating Symbols
Working with Symbols and Instances
Symbol Tutorials

Grids, alignment, object manipulation


Tutorial file

February 12

Chapter 5: Color, Fills, Bitmaps, Fonts
Importing Bitmaps
Optimizing Bitmaps
Working with Bitmaps
Tracing Bitmaps
Using Animated GIFs
Using PNGs

Chapter 6: Flash Animation, Tweening and Motion Guides

How Animation Works
Understanding the Timeline
Working with Scenes

Creating Animations
Using QuickTime Video
Animation Tutorials

What Is Text?
Text Tool and Its Modifiers
Creating Text Blocks
Editing Text Objects
Formatting Text
Editable Text Fields
Breaking Text Apart
Animation Considerations

Sharpening images in FLASH

Tutorial file

February 19

Holiday- Presidents’ Day


February 26

Chapter 7: Shape Tweens
The Interface
Library Management
Library Tutorial

Chapter 8 : Masks and Masking
Understanding Layers
Deleting Layers
Layer Properties
Renaming Layers
Reordering Layers
Copying Layers
Identifying Objects on Different Layers
Selecting Everything on a Layer or Multiple Layers
Layer Modes
Quick Editing with Layers
Using Guide Layers
Motion Guide Layers
Mask Layers
Layers Tutorials

Check out the copyright site

Tutorial file


Campus closed at 4:30 PM daily


March 12

Chapter 9: Introductory Actionscripting Animation


Tutorial file

March 19

Chapter 10: More on Actionscript

Interactivity in Flash
Working with Multiple Movies
Interactivity Tutorials


Tutorial file

March 26

Chapter 11:


Understanding Sound
Importing Sounds
Adding Sounds to the Timeline
Configuring or Editing a Sound
Optimizing Sounds
Sound Tutorials

Interactivity in Flash
Working with Multiple Movies
Interactivity Tutorials

Converting mp3’s to wav’s

Tutorial file

April 2

Chapter 12: Optimization
Interactivity in Flash
Working with Multiple Movies
Interactivity Tutorials

Using the Hit test method

Tutorial file

April 9

Chapter 13: Publishing

Delivery Methods
Flash and HTML
Plug-In Issues
Understanding Templates
Publishing Tutorial

Building a custom cursor

Tutorial file

April 16

Chapter 14: Intermediate Actionscripting
Getting Ready to Test
Testing Within the Flash Authoring Environment
The Test Movie and Test Scene Commands
The Testing Environment


Tutorial file

April 23

Chapter 15: Intermediate Actionscripting


Tutorial file

April 30

Chapter 16: High Level site design
Processor Considerations
Movie Size Considerations
Choosing a Movie Speed
Defining Your Audience

usability site for Flash

Tutorial file

May 7

Final Exam


I will grade projects according to the grading rubric and will email the results to you.


We will meet for the first hour to harvest final projects only- no work will be allowed- just turn in your project and you will be free to leave.


Flash 4! Creative Web Animation

Chapter 1: Why Flash?
Chapter 2: Getting Started
Chapter 3: Drawing
Chapter 4: Text
Chapter 5: Sound
Chapter 6: Bitmaps
Chapter 7: Symbols
Chapter 8: The Library
Chapter 9: Layers
Chapter 10: Animation
Chapter 11: Interactivity
Chapter 12: Testing
Chapter 13: Publishing Your Work
Chapter 14: Planning Your Project
Appendix A: Keyboard Shortcuts
Appendix B: Flash Resources


KEWL Flash resource sites