MCM219 Multimedia Applications: Macromedia Flash 5 BASIC-Summer 2001

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June 4

Summer 2001 classes begin.

Chapter 1 Why Flash?


Web Standard


Ease of Use

Design Capabilities


Widespread Viewability



Housekeeping issues


Course overview-


Intro to Flash


Example sites


Assignment 1

Flash 5 Beginners tutorial


Check out the Flash 5 Tour!


Lab hours:

posted on the door.


Read this article on Splash pages that work Click on the match it yields and chec k out the Visual designer by eric Holter

And read this article on vector art- click on the url it yields and go to Visual Designer article by Lynda Weinman

Complete chapter 2 by next meeting

Assignment 1: fill out student profile form and submit by June 6.


Complete the "00 What's New" and "01 Introduction" and "02 Drawing" Lessons in the Flash Program's Help Menu

June 6

REVIEW Chapter 2: Getting Started
How Flash Works

What's New in Flash 5


Options and Settings

Setting Movie Properties

The QuickTime Interactive Tutorials




Complete tutorials on p. 46

June 11



Chapter 3. Graphics
Tools and Options

Drawing Tasks

Using the Pen Tool

Pen and Drawing Preferences

Editing Simple Shapes

Strokes and Fills

Importing Vector Graphics

Optimizing Graphics

Using Color

Interactive Tutorial



Work through the content with instructor


Here is a link to the Flash menus we will review tonight

You need these files for tonight's work:

1. daisy 2. star

Right mouse click and save to a directory on the PC or hold the mouse down over the link on the mac and save as source.

Exercise- Drawing tools practice...

go to the FlashPlanet site and click on the clip art link.

Navigate the clip art area and save some assorted images- these will be zip files which should unzip on your computer- Macs, use Stuffit.

Create a scene by importing, or copying and pasting images of your choice- then using drawing tools alter and add information as you deem necessary. Save the file to your zip disk- you wll need to submit it as part of your portfolio of work eventually...

You can also use google to search the web- something like "free eps vector" as search parameters should turn up a bevy of choices.

If you have trouple unzipping theclip art files you can also just draw your entire scene with the drawing tools.

Complete chapter 4 by next meeting


Assignment 2: fill out the feedback form

June 13



Chapter 4: Text

What Is Text?

Creating Text Elements

Working with Text Elements

Using Font Symbols for Dynamic Type Styling

Breaking Text Apart

Animation Considerations

Interactive Tutorial




Design 101

Here are the url's for favorite sites the class has turned in so far- turn your in via the feedback form ...


Let's look at morphing text after the overview...

I flat ran out of time to put together the shape tweening tutorial we were working on so here is a simplified one with al the concepts intact. so I am referring you to these great ones I found on the web...


click here


Create and turn in a file based on what you have learned so far (Text design). Be creative, but don't think too big...This is due by Feb 4 at 10PM

Complete chapter 5 by next meeting

June 18



Chapter 5 Sound


Understanding Sound

Importing Sounds

Adding Sounds to the Timeline

Configuring/Editing Sound Instances

Sound Properties

Updating Sounds

Advanced Sound Capabilities

Using Sounds in Shared Libraries

Interactive Tutorials




Click here for tonite's lecture content


Converting mp3's to wav's

Complete chapter 6 by next meeting

June 20


Chapter 6 Bitmaps


Importing Bitmaps

Adding Bitmaps to Your Movie

Working with Bitmaps

Bitmap Properties

Optimizing Your Images

Updating Bitmaps

Using Bitmaps in Shared Libraries

Using Animated GIFs

Using PNGs

Interactive Tutorial


Sharpening images in FLASH

Tutorial file

Complete chapter 7 and 8 by next meeting

June 25



Chapter 7 Symbols


Understanding Symbols and Instances

Creating Symbols

Editing Symbols

Working with Instances

Interactive Tutorials


Check out the copyright site


Complete chapter8 by next meeting

June 27



Chapter 8 Working with Elements on the Stage




Placing Elements on the Stage

Transforming Elements

Duplicating Elements

Cutting, Copying, Deleting, and Pasting

Interactive Tutorial



Tutorial file

Complete chapter 9 by next meeting

July 2


Chapter 9

Using Layers to Separate Content

And Functionality


Understanding Layers

Working with Layers

Identifying Graphical Elements on Different Layers

Using Guide Layers

Special‑Purpose Layers

Layer Properties

Interactive Tutorials



 Important content tonight- we will go through layers in a fairly intensive manner.

 Tutorial file

Complete chapter 10 by next meeting

July 4




July 9



Using Animation to Build Movement


How Animation Works

Understanding the Timeline

Working with Scenes




Work in class on an animation project- choreographing the chicken dance.

Tutorial file

July 11


Creating Animation

Putting It All Together

Using QuickTime Video

Interactive Tutorials


Complete at least half of chapter 11 by next meeting. This is a long chapter- we will take two nights if necessary to cover it.

July 16


Chapter ll

Basic Actions for Building Interactivity


Interactivity in Flash

Actions Panel

We will not be covering chapters 12-15 in this class- this is where an advanced class would begin.

This will give you time to work on your final project.

July 18

Basic Actions in Depth

Interactive Tutorials



July 23



Publishing Your Work


Delivery Methods

Flash and HTML

Player Issues

Understanding Templates

Interactive Tutorial


Work on final Project 

usability site for Flash

Work on final Project


July 25


I will grade projects according to the grading rubric and will email the results to you.

Work on final Project

We will meet for the first hour to harvest final projects only- including all documentation- including FLA and SWF files. No work will be allowed- just turn in your project and you will be free to leave.

Text for course: Flash 5! Creative Web Animation



KEWL Flash resource sites