MCM219 Student Profile Report

This course is one in a series of featured appications for the Multimedia certificate at SLCC. This profile is designed to help the instructor gauge where we are at the beginning as a class, and to serve as a benchmark so we can later evaluate how far we have come this semester...

Report #1: (Due by January 15, 2001)


Phone (optional)
E-mail address
Have you ever used Flash before?
Are you coming to the class with a specific idea for a project ? (This is not a requirement)
Type of Project Interest
If Other, specify
Do you own or have access to a copy of Flash 5 elsewhere? Do you have any third party books on Flash?
Level of Online Proficiency
In your own words, how much html do you know?
Describe in summary form (five sentences or less) YOURSELF and what you want to get from this course..
What other graphics/vector/drawing programs are you proficient in?
Have you interst in any particular web medium ?(graphics, webdesign, illustration, video, etc)?
Do you have internet access from any other location other than this classroom? What do you think about having some course materials available online?
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