Shape Tween Tutorial

(This is a simplified version of what we were doing in class last week. Looks like until we get the data projector in the room we will be stuck with my 4 year old Powerbook for demos.)


1. Create a new flash movie. Under the modify menu chage its size to 200 by 200 pixels.

2. Set the stroke fill to null. In frame 1 draw a blue square with the rectangle tool- remember to hold the shift key down to constrain the proportions.




3. Under the insert menu add a keyframe to frame 10. delete the blue square from frame 10.


4. With the stroke fill stillset to null, set the pain fill to red and draw a perfect circle in the space where you deleted the blue square.



5. Add a keyfame to frame 20, delete the red circle and draw a green square in its place.


6. Using the subselect too, click on the square's border and reshape it to a triangle.

7. Insert a keyframe in frame 30 and delete the green triangle.


8. Go to frame 1 and select and copy the blue square.. return to frame 30 and under Edit choose paste in place.


9. Open your Frame panel. Click on a frame between 2 and 8 and change the tweening options to "shape".

10. Repeat step 9 for frames 11-18 and 21-28.

11. Test your movie.

Here is a link to the fla source file...