Fall 2000 Course calendar

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Prepare for next session/Lab  Deliverables


August 21

Intro to Multimedia Production.

Profile of participants.

Overview lecture.

Housekeeping items.

Setup preferences for class.


If you haven't bought your book yet- the bookstore will have them in this week. You'll be working in it next session!  

August 28

Discussion of Rationale, Goals, Audience, Technical concerns.

Work on Chapter 1 in text, pp.1-40 in class

Complete tutorial 1:Director Windows

Read /complete Course website introduction.

Fill out feedback form and submit as an attendance check!

Finish up Chapter 1 by next meeting if you didn't finish in class  
 September 4   No class tonight!- Labor Day Holiday   Send me feedback. this week with beginning thoughts for proposed project.  

September 11

Quiz One- Director interface

Discuss "idea" versus "concept".

Discuss audience analysis.

Intro to Multimedia design- (handout).

Download graphic.

Intro to animation- Tutorial (2)

Work on chapter 2 in class



 Finish Chapter 2 by next week if you didn't get through it in class. QUIZ ONE
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 September 18

Review Chapter 2 -Animation in class.

Inventory lists.

Tutorial 3

Feedback form- assignment 2

Organizing your content and planning navigation- lecture and examples

handout- Multimedia Project storyboard.

Page Elements


Be sure to bring the storyboard handout next week- we will go through it... Project idea- if you have given me multiple ideas, narrow it down to the one you want to do. To give me other feedback.



Lab- Work on chapter 3 in class

Tell me a story-Storyboarding examples

Step by step through a storyboard.


Finish Chapter 3by next week if you didn't get through it in class.  

October 2

Interface design and useability lecture and examples.

Tutorial 4- now optional

Making it multimedia

Standards Document overview.

See announcements


More example interfaces



Complete tutorial 4- optional

Standards document does not have to be turned in.

 October 9

Lab- Read and complete ch. 4 while individuals meet with instructor

Checkpoint- We will look at your progress on your project workbooks. You will defend you project to me, the client.


Finish chapter 4 by our next meeting.

work on designs

defend storyboards

Project objectives /outline due-defend storyboards
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 October 16  

Checkpoint- We will look at your progress on your project workbooks. You will defend you project to me, the client.

Review chapters 3 and 4 in class.


Work on projects


Chapter Five Project objectives /outline due-defend storyboards
 October 23  

 Work on chapter 5 in class


I found a Shockwave tutorial on the web I haven't seen before. Check it out.

Work on project


Finish chapter 5 by our next meeting

work on media

 October 30  

Rollover example movie

Work on projects- from now on you will have time each night to work on projects- bring your resources with you!

Download open source Director files for review. Archive1.sit for MAC and for PC

Complete chapter 5 in class if not finished already while I check others' storyboards..

(Requires the username and and password I will provide in class.)

Work on projects



Finish chapter 6 by our next meeting.

Work on Project

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November 6

Lab-complete chapter 6 in class. Here's a tutorial on rollover effects. Read it and apply it if you need to flesh out the other tutorials.

Work on projects

  Work on Project  

November 13


Look at using Director movies as a template.

Build a rollover button. Tutorial 5

see Archive 2

Copyright and protecting your work.

see Archive 3.

Work on projects

  finish chapter 7 in the book by out next meeting.  
 November 20  

 Overview chapter 7 in class. That completes book One!

Quiz 2

 Work on projects

Work on Project Quiz 2 in class
November 27  

Here are shocked examples of tutorials and educational shockwave links for your future use


Packaging a project



Work on Project  
 December 4  

Class Critique of ideas and work .

Work on Projects

  Work on Project  
December 11  

FINAL-Turn in Projects.

You should bring your packaged project, workbook and an open code director file for me to review. I will complete the rubric and email a copy of how you did along with a final grade.

  Note: there will be no discussion or work on projects done tonight- Just bring in the deliverables and upload them to my Jaz drive and you will be free to leave.

Final Projects and project workbook turned in by 7:30 PM local time!

I will leave at that time.

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