MCM137 ___Tutorials


These tutorials were created to fill in the blanks and give you specific examples that the text for the course does not provide (at least to the instructor's satisfaction).The first five tutorials are very basic, and the last five are on fairly advanced topics- the text tends to flesh out the intermediate types of Director issues pretty well.

Level: Beginner

Tutorial One- Director Windows and Pallettes

Tutorial Two- Intro to Animation

Tutorial Three- Basic animation and control button

Tutorial Four- Basic Multimedia- Incorporating sound with animation

Tutorial Five- Building a simple Rollover button using an existing animated gif file


Tutorial Six- Reusing Code- a Video Contoller

Tutorial Seven- QTVR and Digital Video Tips

Tutorial Eight- A Pseudo Image Map for Navigation

Tutorial Nine-Basic Net interactivity using a Behavior

Tutorial Ten- Packaging a Director Projector

Miscellaneous files:

Example movie for in class tutorial- Rollovers 101 (caution: 2.2MB file will load slowly)

Interface Examples to learn from. We looked at working versions of several of these in class.

I have also provided dozens of open code Director files that incorporate copious comments in most cases.

You will need the password to access these. I am the creator of most of them. In some cases I have included freebies harvested from the net and they contain the authors' credits in those cases in the code itself. Enjoy!

(NOTE:I will contact you privately to provide the URL of the dropoff point for individual files that I will FTP to the server for delivery to individual students).


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