Frequently Asked Questions...

What and who is Media Services?


What kinds of equipment can I get from Media Services?

How can I order media equipment?

How can I get technical assistance with my instructional equipment?

How do I report a problem with instructional technology?

How do I check availability or reserve a room?

I am going off campus- what kind of support can I get?


Media Production

How can I request media production support for classroom or events (video, photography, course media design)?

Can I get help in creating instructional materials?

Can I get help with a presentation?

Can I get help with a web page?


Training and Consultation

What kind of classroom technology training do you offer?

Can Media Services help with the design of new spaces?

Can I get distance education and videoconferencing support?

How do I find media for my class?

Can I get help in determining copyright requirements?


Special services (by campus)

Blackboard support and training

Instructional technology training

Faculty development workstation

Media Reproduction

Copy services