Maya Links for Elementary and Middle School

Maya Links

Great Teachers' Guide = REALLY GREAT teacher's guide for Maya

Great Kids' Site = BEST WEBSITE for Little Kids!!!! Really, really cool animation!!!

Great Big Kids' Site = BEST WEBSITE for Big Kids

Dig This! = Dig Magazine which is cool for kids (and big ones too!)

Archeologist's Journal = Read the journal of another group of archaeologists during 2001... they stayed longer... they got in some trouble!!!!

Gigglepotz Site = Giglepotz with over 3 dozen great Maya sites for little kids!!!!

Examples of sites linked to Gigglepotz:

Write Your Name = Lets you write your name for a t-shirt(may need access code)

Maya Game = Bul, a Maya game of chance

Maya Map = Very old Map of Maya based upon J. E. S. Thompson

Great Graphics! = WOW... Beautiful Graphics with hours and hours of great information

K-12 Website = rich website with both Maya, Aztec, Olmec, Inca

Maya Site with Links = WOW... You can spend hours at this incredibly rich website!!!

Great Links! = WOW... and yet even another large Maya links site!!!!

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