Activity Links for Elementary and Middle School



Maya Art and Architecture = Lots of Maya Art and Building information

Maya Science Activities = Science Museum activities and photos!

Maya Folktales = folktales of the Maya for kids!

Working Maya Calendar = Hurray!!! A Maya calendar page that actually works!!!

Virtual Ruins = a great website where you can see the ruins at Lamanai!!!

1994 Expedition = 1994 Expedition to Belise that kid's watched on the web!

Favorite Photos = Beautiful photographs from an educational expedition to the land of the Maya. Hey kids... which is your favorite photograph on this page and why...

Cartoon Adventure = REALLY AWESOME National Geographic cartoon adventure for kids that is all about the Maya that will ask for your first name...

Make Maya Style Books = Kid's made "new" Maya style books, get inspired and see what you can do like this....

Maya Language = Discussion of Maya languages

Write your name in Glyphs = Cool Glyph Catalog where you might be able to write you name

Middle School and Above = is for Middle School and older kids


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