Dr. Michael Fuller's Advanced Maya Links

More advanced sites

College Level Website by the University of Virgina website: http://jefferson.village.virginia.edu/med/medwww.html = INCREDIBLE advanced websites about Maya writing by the University of Virigina

College level Website by the University of Mississippi: http://sunset.backbone.olemiss.edu/~sasisson/maya.html

College level Website by El Centro College: http://www.joinme.net/ecc/early.html

Other College level websites


http://www.michielb.nl/maya/astro.html = EXCELLENT site with information on astronomy, geography, mathematics, calendar, and writing.

http://www.artemaya.com/ = Modern art by and about the Maya

http://sunset.backbone.olemiss.edu/~sasisson/mcourse.html = U. Miss class on Maya


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