Some Activities for Day One

GPS readings and average speed is 25 mph.

Here are the GPS readings- can you find them and track the expedition's route?

N 25o 46.712' and W 80o 10.392' is Miami

N 23o o17.539' and W 82o 55.394' on Sunday at 8 am

N 23o 04.925' and W 83o o38.779' pm Sunday at 10 am

n 20o 26.832' and W 83o 15.059' is midnight in the ocean pm Sunday night

N 19o 18.086' W81o 23.449' is 9 am on Monday morning

These coordinate are in degrees and minutes. You may want to find where they are on a map...

or go here for the answer...

Check out the pictures for day one as well as in the docuuments area of Blackboard!

Questions for you to research for the expedition.


What did the Pinta look like? What century did it IT sail? How big was it?Check the coordinates. Did Columbus ever sail these waters?

Check out the weather forcast for the Roatan Islands

Are there any real pirates in the Caribbean today? Let us know what you find out so we can be careful! Here is a link on Pirates of the Caribbean

Cool Pirate Links

Lots of info on on Pirates of the Caribbean. Search for yourself!

Send in your best questions!