Some Activities for Day Two

Map It!

Here are the GPS readings- can you find them and track the expedition's route?

longtitudes and latitudes:

North 16 degrees 18.591' and West 86 degrees 32.899' (Ship anchorage on Roatan)

North 16 degrees 19.607' and West 86 degrees 34.466' (Dolphin encounter)

North 16 degrees 16.371' and West 86 degrees 36.019' (Tabyana beach for snorkling)

These coordinate are in degrees and minutes. You may want to find where they are on a map...


Check out the pictures for day one as well as in the docuuments area of Blackboard!

Questions for you to research for the expedition.


What does Lamanai mean?

What kind of animals do you expect the expedition might ebncounter?

Check out the weather forcast forthe Lamanai area. This is a starting place...


This site has more info on Lamanai's archaeological sites

Send in your best questions!