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A modern maya vase produced by Ireno Magana who lives at Indian Church (modern name for Lamanai). His grandson sold me the cylinder vase (cach-ah) and told me that his grandfather uses clay sources in Western Belize because the clay in the site area is not the best.

Classic Maya pottery vessels from AD 600 to 800. I was allowed to photograph without flash, but not not touch. Luckily, no glass. These examples were excavated by archaeology students working with Dr. David Pendergast from the Royal Ontario Museum


Amira Fuller (1st grade at Rossman school) with Onofre Vellos





PreClassic Burnished effigy bow, a footed plate, and a plate .


Classic Maya pottery vessels from AD 600 to 800


Modern Maya embroidery by a Quiche Maya woman who was selling these at Orange Walk Town. She would not give her name but sold two panels for $30.






Here are some Maya ceremonial flints


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