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What I have been doing in detail- year by year

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Instructional Design Documents- examples of process

Presentations and seminars list- links to come!
League 2000 Tips From The Web Kitchens Of SLCC
Designing Multimedia For Your Students-League 1999
Improving Your Lectures With Active Learning
NCRA Virtual Clasroom Consortium 2001 And 2002
Online Course Development Criteria METC2001
Intro To Powerpoint For The Classroom
Development of Fair Use Guidelines For Educational Multimedia
What Is Multimedia-SLCC Staff Development 1998
Let's Get Interactive
Pedagogical Potentials Paper
Adobe Pagemill
Adobe Acrobat
Electronic Documents
Photoshop Elements For The Classroom
Authoring with Authorware
Presentation Skills Workshop with Powerpoint
Effective E-Learning Classroom Techniques
Internet Tools And Information Management
HTML Basics And Web Design
Multimedia Certificate Program
Media And Web Forum
Design Essentials
Using Graphics Wisely
Image Processing
Writing For The Virtual Classroom
Designing For The Virtual Classroom
Visuals Enhance The Message
The Incomplete Scanning Guide
Digital Camera Shootout
Performance Assessment For Online Learning
E-Publishing Using Adobe Acrobat
Internet Training For Faculty And Staff-Mac
Introducing the Internet
Job Search Strategies
Assistive Technologies For The Classroom
Best Practices For Online Instruction
Desktop Publishing with Word
Digital Media Formats-Need To Know Session
Online Course Development Criteria
PSS-Presentation Skills Seminar
ISS-Instructional Skills Seminar
Media Services /Cat-Computer Applications Training

Improving Learning With Technology-Research Applications
Perspectives On Online Instruction
Input/Output Devices
Integration Of Critical Skills
Instructional Design Tips For Blackboard
Going Online
Blackboard Institute
Beginning Blackboard
Blackboard Topics
Software Evaluation
Instructional Design For The Web
Media Harvesting And Creation Strategies
The E-Classroom Technologies Workshop
Web Based Instruction- Teaching With The WWW
Home Sweet Homepage-Hands On At NCRA
Creating Effective Distance Learning Classroom
Interactive Distance Learning Handbook
Maximizing Multimedia Design for the Classroom
Is The Use Of Multimedia Impacting Education In The US?-Literature Review
How To Conduct A Needs Assessment-Id Training
Authorware For The Instructional Designer
What Is Multimedia
Copyright And Fair Use 101
Empowering Powerpoint For The Classroom
Smartboard 101
Designing the Digital Curriculum
Successful Solutions For Integrating Technology Into The Classroom
Advanced Virtual Classroom Consortium
Beginner Virtual Classroom Consortium
Intro To Computer Graphics
Facilitator Development Workshop
DESIGN for the SCREEN- The Good The Bad And The Ugly
New Media Instructional Design Symposium
Learning Strategies for the Online Course
The Teachnology Toolkit and Media Selection
Search Strategies On The Www-Drinking From The Firehose
Technology And Adult Learning- Current Perspectives
A Guide To Online Course Evaluation
Effective Web Delivery And Design
Designing Multimedia For Maximum InteractivityInstructional Design Training
Integrating Web Based Learning Activities
Improving Your Teaching Skills
Usenet and You
Building Online Resources
Writing Across the Curriculum
Technology Enhances Learning


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