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What the Chef has been up to: 2000

Situation: My work is much in demand. My major charge is to balance my time to provide just in time training across the campus with special attention to addressing instructional need first, to provide production skills to insure successful completionof a myriad of projects, and to keep up with the changing technologies for learning.

Tasks: Continue to coordinate activities between Media Services production and the Center for Teaching and Learning. Tame and provide guidance to the monster I have created.

Actions: Provided leadership in determining the future direction of major technological change at the distriuct level- assigned to the LMS review and selection committee, joined the online course review board, worked extensively with individual faculty and WAC (Writing across the Curriculum) and TEL(Technology Enhances Learning)and AT&T (Learning Archives) development groups.

Results: 1. Worked with the following

Dave Hamlin- transfer to CD
Sue Appelbaum ppt slides to digital format
John Coburn- math FTP session
Troubleshooting for scores of students
Stan Kary Psychology test to filemaker database
Regina Popper ATT video
Authorware work for CBIL
Skinner Mense ATT projects
Chaya Gopalan A and P workbook
Developed and implemented Jargon Lexicon online
President Valadez Ortiz Powerpoint and video
Aided with Academic Systems implementation
Redesign multimedia faculty development stations- PC and MAC
Set up Media server
Director training Mense and Skinner
Created Internet Faculty/Web Teachers forum
McGraw Hill session
Computer classroom redesign
Powerpoint for the classroom
Skinner Powerpoint presentation media and sound
Skinner project migrated To Director
Project V -video project for Skinner and Mense
Supplemental Instruction Director project
Wrote Catalyst article
PPT for Supplemental Instruction
Rich Unger Construction Problems Quicktime VR project
Video capture Jim Mense tutorial;
Telecommunity Center Training
Math Dept Cooperative Learning scavenger hunt
Media Services overview
Redesigned SERF interfaces
WAC Presentation support
TEL staff development day presentation
Authorware training
Taught Director 7 Advanced classes at FP
Created logo for Richard Berne Psych Café
Script for Mense Comma project
NAIT powerpoint for Bill Mason
Allen Communications Multimedia Training
Steve Ehlen Engineering video
Educational Software review site
Nautilus Video Techniques project and graphics
Student Orientation CD
Faculty technology Initiatives presentation
instructional Design Clearinghouse
ID Fundamentals Institute Carol Shahriary
Irish Studies Website design for Trip
Bommarito Quark Project
Bommarito Director Project
Board meeting Media Services Presentation
Chemtech Media Presentation- Director project
Carol Hake TEL project
Catalyst article
Flynn Cold Interpreting CD 1
Popper Logical Fallacies Project
Jocelyn Ladner Director Project- Director Programming
Breugenjohann presentation

Results 2:AT&T specific activities:

Director Programming
Nancy Adams’ The English Language- A Voice for the World
Html Programming/Video Post production
Tom Flynn’s Deaf English Learning Archive
Director Programming
Sharon Harris’ Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice
Director Programming
The Writing Process Shockwave Director / Powerpoint
Kelly Mueller's reprogrammed Farson’s Authorware Programming
Viajando en Sudamérica Authorware Module
Troubleshooting and Training for logic- Farson in Authorware
Video Post Production for Vickie Perkins’ Much Ado About Nothing: A Guide to Shakespeare's play and a collection of relevant Internet resources Webpage and Video
Director Programming for Skinner’s Project:
Supporting an Argument Shockwave Director
Flash Animation and Programming for Spencer’s The Healthy Sentence Shockwave Flash
Quicktime Production, Html Design and Programming
For Regina Popper’s Logical Fallacies Website / Quicktime Video

Results 3: Additional projects

Support for Donna Wallner/Deb Graham Teachnology presentation
Marsh Florini Dietetic Technology Powerpoint
WAC (Writing Across the Curriculum) Luncheon presentation
Set up / Moderated Interlit Listserv
NOTIS Library presentation
Wallner powerpoint
AWARE training modules design
Free webspace research
Emerging Scholars presentation
Carlos Blanco- scan images, create overhead transparencies
Catalyst article
Quark overview video
TEL Finals recognition/critique
Hake/Ashbaugh Corel tutorial
Designed CTL training brochure
Redesigned Emerging Scholars logo in Freehand
WIP productions animation- Mense and Skinner
Configured Media 100
Online Form for test- Media Services Equipment request
Michelle Teschendorf tutorial
Writing Center website redesign
Recustomize Internet Literacy course with local web resources
Cobblestones Brochure and website
Consult with IT dept about curriculum redesign
Camera work for graduation
Advanced Imaging Lab Specs
Gap analysis instrument in FM Pro for Chem Tech

Results 4:Review of New Technologies

E-College course review
Tribeworks review
Protools overview for Broadcasting
Reviewed and evaluated fifteen software packages for Supplemental Instruction and created software evalation form

Results 5: Training for Faculty/ Staff:

Pagemill Training for ATT project participants
OWL Collaborative story writing seminar
Staff training brown bag for office support
Blackboard campus overview- 4 sessions Spring 00
Dreamweaver Training CTL
Photoshop Training CTL
Printomatic training
Joe Dunn scanner training
Mike Martin Photoshop training
Designed Flash Course
Designed Multimedia Production course
Workshop for E-classroom H113 7 people WIFI
Trained Instructional Designers in New Media Application
Teach SERF course Internet Literacy- Summer, Fall, Spring
New Faculty orientation
Engineering support Seminar
Pagemill tutoring- Gopalan and Flynn

Results 6:Committee work:

FVWeb interface redesign committee
Distance Learning Committee
LMS Subcommittee of Distance Learning Committee-Blackboard WebCT Topclass Course Management Systems reviewed
Accelerated Education meeting
Center for Advanced Imaging specifications Committee
Web course review committee
ID committee
OPAC library interface redesign committee

Results 7:Presentations:

CTL presentation Best of Web
LearnStLouis Presentation
Creating the Effective Distance Learning Classroom
Multiple Brown bag presentations listed in Presentations site

Results 8: Professional development attended

Apple Event- the Digital Classroom
Attended Kurt Kellner advanced Shockwave training
Training at Illustrated Man- Media 100
Blackboard Train the trainer meetings
Adobe Live show


From 2000 Professional Evaluation

Evaluator's Commentary 2000:

Forecasting and Planning- "Sets schedules and works well with clients."

Organization and administration: "Area is always well organized."

Problem solving:"Anthony has wide raning contacts and makes good use of them to offer solutions."

Relationships with superiors "Well respected."

Relationships with peers:" Works well with and is respected by all levels."Goal orintation:" Sets realistic goals and follws through."

Training and development of others:" Many workshops and individual efforts."

Stimulating motivation in others:"Positive influence."

Job knowledge Seeks out training and profesional development."

Creative ability :"Excellent new tools developed for biology and engineering

Cooperativeness and adaptability:"Works welll in light of conflicting schedules, demands and desires of client faculty and staff."

Initiative :"Very Professional."

Leadership Ability :"Works well across the district."


Evaluation 2000- Anthony Foster

To say this has been a busy and productive year would be a real understatement..
I like to take this time each year to review and abstract my documentation of projects for the previous year- and to put my efforts on the record. I hope you will ask yourself whether it is possible for such efforts to be exceeded. I don't think I can do any more. I take the rating system more seriously than I should, perhaps, but in lieu of other merit compensation I would hope that my efforts are reflected in the evaluation. I am tired and I hope to see some changes this coming year. I have hopes that the new position will serve to spread out the work load more proportionately.

The following documentation reflects what I documented- I cannot count the times when people have interrupted my work for immediate assistance and I have always tried to bend over backwards to accommodate them. Consequently many things go undocumented.

Goals and Objectives met for 1999-2000

1. Provide training/technical support to faculty in TEL grants program- consult and facilitate projects.

My involvement with the CTL has continued to provide opportunities that outstrip my abilities to keep up, yet the projects keep finding resolution to my amazement.

TEL (Technology Enhances Learning) projects

FALL 99- Old
Ana Coelho* (Humanities) Project
Sharon Fox (Library)
Jim Mense* (English) Project
Vicky Perkins (English)
Rich Unger* (Engineering) Project
Brett Williams* (Art) Project

FALL 99-New
Cindy Brueggenjohann* (Social Science) Proposal Joanne Galanis* (Library) Proposal Deborah Graham* (Education, Social Science) Proposal Carol Hake* (English) Proposal Donna Wallner* (Nursing) Proposal

Spring 2000 Technology Tel-ers:


Cindy Brueggenjohann* (Social Science) Joanne Galanis* (Library) Project Deborah Graham* (Social Science-Education) Project Carol Hake (Communications South-English) Donna Wallner* (Science/Math-Nursing) Project


Sharon Harris* (English) Proposal Chaya Gopalan* (Science/Math-Physiology) Proposal Linda Kleemann (Communications-Reading) Becky Lopanec (Social Science-Education) Michelle Teschendorf (Science/Math-Nursing)
My involvement with the ATT project has not ended- this summer will see the resolution of the remaining projects. To this date, I have done major work on projects for Nancy Adams, Sharon Harris, Jaime Spencer, Vickie Perkins, Larry Skinner, Regina Popper, Jim Mense, Tom Flynn, Jocelyn Ladner, Kelly Mueller, and Michael Martin.

2. Provide Training /tech support and production support to faculty members participating in WAC (Writing Across the Curriculum) projects program

Continued involvement with WAC

FALL 99:
Roger Bickel* Information Systems Project
Dan Conoyer* History/Geography Project
Chaya Gopalan* Biological Science Project
Lovedy Magagnos Child Care
Meg Selig* Counseling Project

Anne Bezdek* (Philosophy and Humanities) Proposal Carlos Blanco* (Reading) Proposal Ed Fliss* (Biology) Proposal Jeanne Florini* (Family/Consumer Science) Proposal Donna Friedman* (Chemistry) Proposal Linda Hamberg* (Education/Social Science) Proposal Margaret Powell* (Reading) Proposal

Spring 2000 Technology Wackers:


Anne Bezdek* (Philosophy and Humanities) Carlos Blanco* (Reading) Ed Fliss* (Biology) Progress I Project Jeanne Florini* (Family/Consumer Science) Project Donna Friedman* (Chemistry) Project Linda Hamberg* (Education/Social Science) Margaret Powell* (Reading)


Carol Berger (Humanities) Eileen Lyons* (Biology) Proposal Marcia McMurphy* (Social Science) Tom Mines (Chemistry) Kim Mosley Art
3. Conduct web training for faculty fall/spring and help create websites (and associated media)

Much of this item is covered in the TEL projects outline. Help and training for faculty/staff with technology/learning problems are mentioned here- in addition to or in different capacity than the above mentioned: These training sessions were one on one tutorial in nature and typically occurred in the faculty office or in the MM Dev room.

Skinner/Mense video capture.
Gopalan- Pagemill training
Ballinger's Cherntech seminar- worked with students on PPT presentations, did training session.
Trained Jim and Catha in slide scanning and Photoshop procedures (student workers) Dan Landis scanner training
Carol Hake- support for Global Awareness project- image capture and editing
Carlos Blanco- scanner training
Nancy Adams-sound

Did afternoon session for librarians on what services Media Services has to offer them.

Taught two sessions on Instructional Design fundamentals for Forest Park's Institute for Carol Shahriary

Palank-artwork for website

Writing Center OWL (Online Writing Laboratory)

Moved the Multimedia Development room and reconfigured web software for faculty use.

4. Miscellaneous projects as assigned-

Dozens of setups
Donna Wallner PPT training
Deb Graham- scanner sessions of training- also migrating Hypercard projects to new medium.
Suelaine Matthews- 100 overheads printed,copies of ppt CD/ Two Catalyst articles/
Jeannie from Dietetic Technology- ppt and overheads- file conversion.
Gwen Nixon- PPT CD presentation./Rich Unger- more QTVR captures for Construction course/R. Berne- changes to website/ Sue Appelbaum, Dave Hamlin, John Coburn, Kathy Bauer, / Barb Tebbetts-troubleshoot computer issues/ LRaguse- Emerging Scholars logo/ Paul Nygard- Map of Nigeria/ / Carole Berger- Troubleshooting computer-several times/ editing/ /evaluated software for Dietetic Tech and Academic Support Services/
General hardware/software configurations for PC's MACS and Media 100- quite a few hours- worth mentioning.
Built two websites on faculty technology initiatives.
Finished online orderform for Media Services.
Sat on Webcourse review committee
I sat on the OPAC Committee and on the hiring committee for the FP ID position.

5. Conduct staff development sessions each semester

I did two sessions at Faculty development day both in the Fall and Spring.
I did three sessions of training in Blackboard since January.
I continued with Pagemill Training last Fall
Addressed brown bag at Cooperative Learning for Teresa Huether on" Teaching on the Net"
New faculty orientation - 2 sessions
Attended Train the Trainer training at CBIL for Blackboard

6. Develop Teaching on the WWW website for faculty-

I had to do this one in my own time at home as this was time intensive and there was no way to get it done at work. So I opted to do it for one of my courses at SIUE instead. I will still use it with college faculty training sessions here. Also did one for Blackboard training.

Goals and Objectives for 2000/2001

1.Provide training/technical support to faculty in TEL grants program- consult and facilitate projects.Already set with seven new projects for FALL
2. Provide Training /tech support and production support to faculty members participating in WAC projects program- this aspect will meet with some changes as WAC moves away from a technology requirement for projects, but my input will still be required.
3. Conduct web training for faculty fall/spring and help create websites- this focus will migrate toward the formal effort in proliferating the Blackboard environment. A major training initiative, involving multiple sessions in both intensive and modular formats.
4. Miscellaneous projects as assigned- hopefully less will be more on this front.
5. Conduct staff development sessions each semester My training activities will move toward a focus on the capabilities of Blackboard. I will also do multiple sessions of training for the new H 113 electronic classroom with Humanities/Arts faculty this summer.
6. Continue to model lifelong learning by a renewed focus on personal professional development. Continue to keep abreast of new media technologies by rigorous training proposals- will attend advanced training in Authorware, Director, Dreamweaver, Flash, Media 100 this Fall, and hope to attend Aftereffects and database training in Spring.

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