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What the Chef has been up to: 2001

I actually DID do bunches.


Situation: Charged with the objective to create and implement training sessions for new district course management tool- Blackboard

Task: Instructional Design development and implementation of training sessions

Action: Training sessions were instructionally designed and implementation began in Summer of 2000. These have been conducted primarily on our campus, but have been extended to district offerings as well.

Result: were highly successful and resulted in the creation of hundreds of new course resource sites. Dozens of faculty and staff have received training (L. Raguse is still pulling numbers together). We have developed a good reputation and participants from other campuses are traveling to our site to receive training. Sessions began with an overview followed by hands on lab based training. Subsequently, The orientation has become a breakout session followed by intensive hands on sessions in a lab environment. This was also supplemented with one on one tutoring. The results have been exceptional with many participants who had no web experience being enabled to create and maintain their own course sites, thus eliminating the total dependence upon technologists to create these tools.

Situation: Charged with the objective to create and implement training sessions on an as needed basis.

Task: Training entails not only delivery of hands on training, but in most cases, it's design and subsequent support and work on projects it generates to enhance the viability of the project involved. There is no end to what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit!

Action: Continually listened at committee meetings, conferred with department chairs and incorporated previous feedback from training sessions in continuing needs analysis. Created CTL Likert scale feedback form for requesting new training. Acting on requests for training, I prioritized the responses with College administration, staff development, CTL and the Manager of Media Services.


  • Pagemill Training for 9
  • Building Photoshop training for summer 2001
  • Hum 113 Distance learning training for Humanities‑ 10 trained
  • Orientation sessions for students on Blackboard‑ 6 courses
  • Served on evaluation committee for new online courses
  • Dreamweaver training 12 participants
  • Mini Online Syllabus workshop- designed and taught
  • Designed and taught Blackboard Best Practices training and Presented at Staff Development Fall 35 in attendance
  • Blackboard Training- 6 sessions each semester-(attendees are coming from all campouses  due to the excellent reception- word of mouth says we are the best place to be trained at this point)
  • Added Intro to Blackboard Demo to elicit interest
  • Design for the Non Designer training
  • Chem Tech seminar Powerpoint training
  • Participated in Blackboard conference
  • Quicktime VR photography at history Museum
  • Redesign of EDU 102 t o ISTE standards implemented
  • Demo of Multimedia Applications, Flash and Director to MCM101 course at Forest Park
  • Audio editing Nancy Adams
  • Text to Speech for Celtic reading
  • Scanning for Nursing Media
  • Teschendorff media to online course
  • Access Powerpoint
  • Nursing Powerpoint
  • Cooperating Schools District  support media
  • Design of set and capture for Linda Mosley Ceramics techniques
  • Consulted with e-learning performance consulted at E-CIBL
  • Linda Hamburg- Computer training
  • Business Law powerpoints to online format
  • D. Friedman media for Blackboard course
  • Taylor- Blackboard tutorial
  • Landiss IT media support
  • Pat Seuss Dreamweaver Tutorial
  • Graphics Adobe Pagemaker support
  • Video of new Center for Advanced imaging
  • Mike Fuller website support, Javascripting
  • Trained Photography Assistant in Photoshop
  • Interactive Television (ITV) Workshop
  • Eileen Lyone Biotechnology PR- ongoing support
  • Planning Leage Presentation for Biotechnology
  • Mense and Skinner Video  editing in I-Movie

In addition to the success the Blackboard training has enjoyed, I have also partnered with Kim Mosley, and more recently, Ron Farson to conduct Dreamweaver webpage creation training for 15 faculty per session. This has enjoyed similar success. Dozens of instructors have learned to create and publish webpages to enhance learning. Success is determined by the successful creation and maintenance of the sites.

EVALUATION COMMENTS from Manager of Media Services:

The faculty trained in these tools will drive demand for support in the classrooms and labs. Formalized course management tools appear to benefit both the teachers and the learners. This is important work for Media Services that then drives the demand for the materials and equipment to support the rest of the Instructional Design.


Scenario: Charge to assist faculty in the selection, development and use of technology to enhance teaching and learning.

Task: analysis, design, development, implemtation and evaluation of problem based solutions.Project management efficiency is key to success in this environment.

Actions: Responded to calls for help in a first come first served basis. Project management for a prolific number of ongoing projects which require a myruad of different and varied skills, instructional strategies, and technologies.

Results: This has been a very busy year in the implementation of offline learning resources that were created last year- that included needed revisions and evaluation of the products as they were piloted.

I worked extensively with Skinner and Mense on several video projects and have trained them in the use of IMovie. I continued the completion of the AT&T project and extensively with Nancy Adamson the creation of a cornerstone Multimedia project on the History of the English language.

In addition the following were completed:

  • Jamie Spencer's Sound writing practices Flash project
  • Jim Mense‑ The Process of Writing: Director/Quicktime application
  • Rich Unger ‑ two more QTVR construction movies
  • Sharon Harris‑ Help with Jane Austen project
  • Vickie Perkins' Video for Much Ado website
  • Jocelyn Ladner‑ Guyana Shockwave project
  • Tom Flynn‑ Soundbytes‑ Interpretation CD for Deaf
  • Larry Skinner‑ help with 4 Director Projects
  • Donna Wallner- Nursing Quicktime VR versions of anatomy models for online use
  • Technology in Classroom session for New Faculty Technology training
  • Tutorials for Favorites to Webpage
  • Tutorials for Netscape Composer
  • Tutorials for Blackboard Access
  • President Valadez Argentian presentation- video and graphics
  • Graphing calculator  interactive lessons
  • Added Stinchcomb’s Paleo site to Paleoconnections Ring
  • Capture, sweeten, and transfer rare wax cylinder recordings to CD Rom format
  • Major time spent in training and acclimating out new Senior Instructional Designer
  • Built Software evaluation rubric
  • Completed suite of software evaluation for Supplemental Instruction
  • Best of Blackboard review showcase for Faculty Development Day
  • Served on Distance Education Advisory Committee
  • Video Capture for English Comp class
  • Review and recommendations for Teacher Education software for Lab
  • ITV-2 tutorial for Instructors
  • Media Services Dog and Pony Show
  • Projecting Microsope technical solutions- design, setup and support for Anatomy and Physiology
  • Mike Martin‑I provided support for image capture and editing for The Innovation of the Year
  • Provided help desk type support for just in time solutions for faculty and staff in distress over technology implementation issues: too numerous to catalog here.
  • R. Berne Psychology course media moved from directory to Blackboard shell
  • Continued to serve on the Online Course review Committee, further establishing criteria for assesssment and evaluation of distributed courses
  • WITS Lite workshop support
  • Evaluated WITS software for use by continuing education too for competency based Instructional Design of courseware
  • Obtained copyright permission for Gopalan to use published Anatomy and Physiology images and edited images for print workbook to accompany course
  • Wecourse Review
  • Reconfigured Larry Skinner projects for online delivery for Fall and Spring

Objective 3:

Situation: in the midst of a burgeoning production schedule, to insure success Imust learn new techniques to keep abreast and up to date on new media solutions for instructional design.

Task: Find opportunities to expedite this objective and complete the training.

Actions: Discovered, procured funding support, and attended several training sessions at Litton PRC, the local Macromedia Authorized training facility.

Results: Completeed the followoing trainingsessions and received certificate.

  • Authorware advanced
  • Director Advanced
  • Flash beginning/advanced
  • Coursebuilder and Ultradev
  • Dreamweaver beginning and Advanced

Other training completed:

  • Attended Blackboard train the trainer
  • Final Cut Pro  and DV Creators Workshops in Dallas
  • Finished Masters of Science Degree in Instructional Technology at SIUE
  • Working through several training CD's as well on Non-Linear Video
  • Attended ITV workshop
  • SWISH tutorial training

    May 2001Performjance Appraisal Comments

    Job Performance

    Forecasting and Planning-“Anthony is a major force in the Blackboard movement”
    Organization and Administration-“Keeps many activities in the air and in order at the same time”
    Follow-Up and control-“Monitors activities and follows up with clients
    Problem Solving-“Anthony has wide ranging contacts and makes good use of them to offer solutions.”
    Relationships with superiors-“Well respected throughout the college and has done much work on the other campuses.”
    Relationships with Peers-“Works well with and is respected at all levels. Forges college wide relationships.”
    Goal Orientation-“Anthony finished he Master’s degree from SIUE this semester..”
    Training an development of Others-“His workshops and individual training efforts are well respected.”
    Stimulating Motivation in Others- “He is a positive influence by his attitude and drive.”
    Job knowledge- “Seeks out training and professional development. He is a production software expert.”

    Personal Performance

    Creative ability-“Anthony finds fresh approaches to the different problems brought by clients.”
    Cooperativeness and adaptability- “Works well in the light of conflicting schedule demands and desires of client faculty and staff.”
    Initiative- “Very professional.”
    Leadership ability- “Works well across the district.”
    Mission-“Mission focused, Anthony is a positive influence on the college.”
    Ethics-“Clearly respects the ethics that bind our profession.”

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